Zenith Insurance: 0870 218 1268

Dial the Zenith contact number to be connected to a Zenith customer service agent who can assist with rate quotes, new claims, open claims updates, payments, online accounts, policy changes, policy cancellation, complaints, and more. The Zenith phone number for claims is open 24/7, but for general enquiries, call from 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday & 9am – 4pm Sunday.

Zenith Contact Number
0870 218 1268

Zenith Insurance was founded in 1937. Based in Gibraltar, the company has expanded the number of coverage options that it offers its customer base. Members can now easily access insurance products through a broker or intermediary, by calling the Zenith Insurance contact number, Go Compare, and much more. Part of the Markerstudy Group, the company also offers customers additional services such as windscreen replacement and repair.

Zenith Insurance Customer Service

Zenith Insurance contact is offered by phone and online. There is a 24/7 emergency hotline that customers can call, but for standard enquiries the business hours are Monday to Friday 8am – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm, and Sunday 10am – 4pm. Those who are hard of hearing a free to use the Next Generation Text Service when speaking with a customer service team member. The contact number shown here can be used to call for rate quotes, to make a claim, submit a payment, ask questions about coverage, and more.

In addition to the Zenith Insurance phone number, current and prospective customers can contact the company on Facebook and Twitter. The company has agents who actively monitor both. Online, the company website offers a self-service centre that is interactive and provides answers to many common questions. Email is also an option when using the provided online form to connect with an advisor. Telephone remains the fastest way to connect with an agent, but these alternate contact methods may prove useful as well.

Coverage Options

Policy coverage on cars includes but is not limited to: three year repair coverage, no claims discount, audio and navigation equipment, personal belongings, an emergency line that’s always open, free courtesy car, windscreen replacement and repair, and replacement lock protection. When calling the Zenith Insurance number, an agent will provide a rate quote that is specific to your circumstances and your vehicle, and can also answer questions about protection levels.

For coverage of vans, standard motor vehicle protection is given plus a free courtesy car, an emergency helpline ready to answer any question day or night, windscreen repair and or replacement, coverage for personal belongings, a three year coverage on any repairs the van may need, audio and navigation equipment, replacement locks in case your keys should ever come up missing.

Additional coverage can be added for cars: motor legal protection, a guaranteed replacement car, roadside assistance breakdown coverage (RAC), and key care. For vans additional coverage includes: tools in transit, a guaranteed replacement van, and roadside assistance breakdown coverage. Ring the Zenith contact number for quotes on these extras or to add them to an existing policy.

Rate Quotes

Quotes are quick and simple to obtain both for cars and vans. From the website, first click on the ‘Quote Me’ link, and then when the new window loads, fill out the required information. Select ‘Continue’ to complete the process. If you would prefer to request a quote over the phone, call Zenith customer service using the contact number shown here.

Policy Documents

Policy documents are accessible at any time on the website. To print any documents simply login with member information and select which documents to print. Accessing member information online is the simplest and quickest way to access documentation. If any documents need to be posted, call the Zenith Insurance contact number to request proof of insurance coverage or to have new insurance cards sent to you by post.

Claims Process

The first step in making a claim is Zenith Insurance contact. Help is available any time of the day or night. Provide as much detail as possible when giving information and its best to call sooner than later. Any missing information will still be accepted later on, but providing it straight away will help you to avoid any claim payout delays.

To make a claim you will need to provide: your policy number, an accurate and detailed description of the incident, a description of damage done to all vehicles involved including your own, whether or not the vehicle is still operable, current location of your vehicle, details regarding other persons involved – including passengers if there were any, injuries you or other persons involved may have sustained, and a crime reference number if the police were involved. Also be sure to jot down any details you can recall about the witnesses that saw the incident occur.

After all of the information has been gathered, a determination will be made and if your car is selected, an approved repairer will be booked. If you have already submitted a claim and wish to be updated on its status, call the Zenith Insurance phone number. Any agent can provide you with details regarding the progress of the claim.

Reporting Complaints

If experiencing any issues be sure to contact Zenith Insurance straight away for further assistance. Be sure to leave the policy number or claim number, a detailed summary of the complaint, and a contact number. The process can take up to eight weeks to resolve fully, and if not resolved, can be escalated.

Zenith Insurance: 0870 280 5566

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5566
Make A Complaint01494 406380
International Number+44 149 440 6380