Yorkshire Water: 0870 280 2380

Call the Yorkshire Water contact number to speak with a member of the Yorkshire Water customer service team. Representatives can assist with any number of matters, including setting up or transferring service, billing questions, payments, online accounts, service outages & emergencies, and more. The Yorkshire Water phone number is a 24/7 line for emergencies, with general support offers from 7:30am to 10pm.

Yorkshire Water Contact Number
0870 280 2380

In 1989, Yorkshire Water inherited an enormous amount of water supplies and structures when it privatized. Since then, £20 billion has been invested to maintain and improve both water and waste water for you, but for the environment as well. All of the hard work that has gone into innovating, renovating and investing into the system has brought about many changes, including innovation to many areas of the water system, environmental improvements, eliminating water restrictions and additional employment opportunities. Yorkshire Water contact is advised for all who would like to speak with a customer service agent.

Yorkshire Water Customer Service

Yorkshire Water contact is an option using several different contact methods. Calling the Yorkshire Water number shown here is one option. As per usual, most customers prefer speaking with someone directly who can provide assistance. On social media, the company asks to be contacted on Twitter by commenting to @YWHelp. Support is offered via Twitter 7-days a week between the hours of 7:30am and 10pm. Live chat is offered on the company website between the hours of 8am and 8pm. Email is also on option that is available on the site, but they make it known that a response could take as long as 10-days.

Products & Services

Yorkshire Water offers a wide range of services, but is of course best known for providing a steady supply of water to homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. They offer water meter reading and care, emergency services and waste water management. Ring the Yorkshire Water phone number for information about any of these.

Other services include:

Water Quality Report – If you’ve ever wondered what’s in your water, you can get the answer when you contact Yorkshire Water to request a water quality report. By filling out a request online, you can have a report of the water in your area sent directly to you to review. Knowing that your water is the best quality for you and your family can certainly be relief, and the company is happy to help provide you with the details.

Water Hardness Report – Water hardness varies from region to region. Depending on where you live, the source of the water may vary, which may affect the hardness or softness of your water. The company has the ability to channel in water from different sources through our marked grid, depending on water resource demand and availability, which ultimately make the difference.

Water Saving Assistance – If you are always looking for ways to save on your water usage and bill, call Yorkshire Water customer service. The company offers many good tips to help you learn ways to lower your water usage, which also helps reduce your water bill. Visit the company website or call the contact number listed here to see what tips can benefit you.

Water Rates

Although water prices will fluctuate, the company does work to keep your costs down. They monitor meter readers regularly to keep track of your water usage. We your meter is read, they make an estimation based on previous water used. You just pay for the water you’ve already used. A standing charge is added for the quarter as well as for sewerage services, if they provide those for you as well. You may pay quarterly or in installments through the year, whatever is most convenient for you.

If you are having trouble understanding your bill, call the Yorkshire Water contact number. The dedicated account managers are there to help you understand the charges and help you set up the correct payment arrangements for you. Call the accounting office for any questions or concerns regarding your water bill, or to ask for clarification for any of the charges that appear on your billing statement. Do call if you are struggling to pay your bill. It may be possible to make arrangements to pay the balance over time and prevent your water services from being disconnected.

Reporting a problem

If you have a problem with your water or water leak, contact Yorkshire Water as soon as possible. Their technicians are highly trained to handle any water issue from indoor water issues to water leaks or sewer issues. If you aren’t sure who is responsible for the repairs, Yorkshire Water customer service will first determine what the problem is, where the problem stems from, and who is responsible for the cost of the repair. Reporting a water problem should be done as soon as possible to prevent further issues and the risk of greater costs in repairs.