XDP: 0870 218 1335

New clients can dial the XDP contact number if they need information regarding email or text alerts, home delivery, parcel information, payment acceptance and more. Existing clients should contact XDP customer service if they need help with tracking, filing complaints, offering a comment, making a payment, real-time trace, proof of delivery and more. At this time, specific business hours for support via the XPD phone number are 24-hours a day.

XDP Contact Number
0870 218 1335

XDP Express is a parcel carrier in the United Kingdom that offers parcel services, logistics services, parcel sorting, home drop services and more. XDP ensures all goods are delivered promptly, correctly, secured, and safely. A wide variety of furniture and fitness equipment is delivered to retailers by this company. Their tracking system is complete with a fully integrated IT system. XDP originated in 1995. This company is now the largest privately owned parcel carrier in the United Kingdom.

XDP: 0870 280 7071

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7071
Make A Complaint01675 475666
International Number+44 167 547 5666

Customer Service

Someone may need to contact the XDP customer service team if they have any queries about a parcel that they are expecting to be delivered. A customer who has sent a parcel via this firm may want to find out the status of the parcel to make sure that it has been delivered. The most convenient way to contact the company is to call the XDP contact number, as any query will be answered immediately. XDP can also be contacted by email or by writing to them at their head office in Tamworth.

Products & Services

XDP offers a number of different options for sending parcels. There is an option to send a parcel overnight so the recipient gets in the next day. This is available in 90% of the UK mainland and free goods in transit insurance is also offered. Timed deliveries are also available in certain areas of the UK and the company may even be able to deliver on a Saturday on some occasions. The company also deliver parcels overseas and all of these parcels will be sent overseas via airfreight. A pallet delivery service is also available to all areas of the UK.

Shipping Options

XDP offer a number of shipping options to suit all circumstances and the easiest way to find out what these different options are is to call the XDP phone number. They will be able to explain all the options that are available and help a customer decide which option will suit them best. The options that are chosen will largely depend on whether the parcel is being sent by an individual or by a business. Once an option has been chosen, then XDP customer services will be able to advise about pricing and how the parcel will be collected.

Tracking Parcels

If a customer is expecting a parcel to be delivered then they may call the XDP telephone number to find out more information about where the parcel is. A customer is able to enter the tracking number that they would have been given on the website to find out the status of their delivery. However, if they still have any questions then customer services will be able to help them with this. They can also help them to locate their parcel if it has not been delivered when it was expected and let them know when the delivery should be made.

Problems & Complaints

Sometimes a problem can occur if a customer does not receive a parcel when they are expecting it. If this or any other problems occurs then a call to the XDP suppor team will usually be able to get this situation resolved. They can get all the information that is needed from the customer and will then do what they can to find out what went wrong. If the problem is still not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction then the agent can inform them of what the next steps of the complaint process are and help them to take these steps.