Wiggle: 0870 218 3504

New customers should call the Wiggle contact number if they need information regarding registering for a new account, placing an order, making a payment, shipping details, deliveries, apps and more. Existing customers should contact Wiggle customer service if they need help with exchange or returns, tracking an order, billing, warranties, vouchers discounts and more. Customer support is not offered via the Wiggle phone number, but the main office number found below can be used for addressing other matters.

Wiggle Contact Number
0870 218 3504

Wiggle is a sporting goods company that offers bikes, biking accessories, gear, men and women cycling clothing, nutrition, tires, wheels, cycling shoes, men and women running shoes and clothing, running accessories, triathlon bikes, triathlon clothing and essentials, swimwear for men, women, and children, outdoor active wear, mountain bikes, sales and discounts, and event listings. This company deals directly with the manufacturers and has been in service since the 1920’s. For more information, call the Wiggle telephone number.

Wiggle: 0870 280 6908

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6908
Make A Complaint0330 016 5113
International Number+44 330 016 5113

Customer Service

Wiggle has a wonderful customer service team that is eager to help their customers with what ever they need assistance with. There are several different ways for customers to contact Wiggle customer service including, but not limited to email, phone calls, and social media outreach. Customer service also offers a nifty section devoted just to answers to customers questions under the section titles “FAQ”. The section provides tons of answers that may be able to help future customers with any dilemma that they may face whilst browsing Wiggle.com. Customer service is available for contact between the hours of 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

Products & Services

Wiggle.com offers many different items and services that their customers are sure to enjoy. The products offered range from sporting goods such as running shoes to custom bikes. They offer so many other things as well. Wiggle.com also offers several items that can be custom ordered such as custom biking gear and custom gear for other sports as well. Wiggle is mostly know for their bikes and biking gear as that is the item that launched the company to where it is today.The company is more often than not having a sale on their sporting gear which is great for customers who are shopping on a budget.

Shipping & Delivery

There are several different shipping and delivery options available on Wiggle.com. There are cheaper options and options that cost quite a bit more. The cheapest option of all is free! Customers get free shipping if their order totals more than $50 USD. The next cheapest option for buyers would happen to be priority shipping which costs $5.05 for international orders. Customers can also pick up their orders from the Wiggle warehouse, which can be a real time saver. The online retailer also offers express deliveries that cost more than any other option available, but customers receive their orders sooner than any other option. To report a delayed, lost, or stolen delivery, call the Wiggle phone number.

Account Management

There are many different ways in which a customer can manage their accounts. The customer could manage their account from their electronic devices such as computers and mobile devices. This allows the customer to personally manage their account from the comfort and privacy of their own home. If this option is not suitable for a customer they can call customer service and get personal assistance with their account and get tips on how they can personally manage it themselves. Customers will also be surprised at how willing Wiggle customer service is to help assist this surprisingly common problem that effects everyone a time or two.

Problems & Complaints

If a customer ever has a complaint or needs to return something they should simply contact customer service. Wiggle customer services has all of the tools to process a return and deal with customers complaints. This is a great way for customers to get their returns processed quickly and without a hassle. Wiggle will then find a suitable way for the product to be returned to them without it inconveniencing the customer in any way, shape, or form. Wiggle.com appreciates their customers and it really shows with the very relaxed return policies that the company offers such as letting the customer keep the product if it does not meet their standards, but refunding the customer their money. Call the Wiggle telephone number to learn more.