Why Is My Three Bill Higher than Expected?


There could be a few different reasons why your Three bill is higher than expected. Below, we provide many common reasons for larger than average bills. For example, your first bill, which will be higher because it includes advanced dated charges (pre-billing). In addition to this information, you can contact Three customer service if you have any questions about charges that appear on your billing statement.

If you have traveled abroad and you make any calls, send texts, listen to voicemail, or use internet data when you are traveling abroad, then you will be charged for it. This reason is because when you are located in another country you will be connected to their local network which is called roaming. Roaming calls, text, data, internet are based at higher fees.

If you think that your Three bill is higher than it should be, then you may call the Three contact number to reach out to support for help. There is also the option to use live chat for help, send an email, or write to Three. Calling, texting and using data abroad is not included in your regular monthly bill – even when you subscribe to an unlimited type of service plan. Unlimited data cannot be used when abroad unless you request billing for it on your monthly plan.

If you made any international calls or sent texts to friends who live outside the United Kingdom, then you will be charged extra for them. Calls that are made to anywhere outside of the UK will have a one minute minimum fee and then are these calls will be charged by the second. If you have made any calls to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, then you are also charged at international rates which are a bit more costly than regular rates. Three customer services will help you with a resolution to lower your bill going forward and explain all the details of what caused your bill be to be higher than normal.

There are a few phone numbers which are excluded from your monthly bill and if you call them you will certainly be charged a bit more. That is, unless you have blocked them in your account. These numbers include numbers that start with 070 or the non-standard 07 numbers which are not owned by the main network operator, and 084* and 087* numbers.

If you have made calls to directory or operator, these may also have charges attached. If you have sent texts to email address, short-codes or with texts that have files attached, there may be associated costs. For example, if you’ve sent a text with your new number out to a few different people then it will be an extra fee because texts sent to emails will be charged at standard rates. Short-codes are short phone numbers that are three to five digits used for a variety of services provided by companies. These services may include the text alerts like football scores, radio stations and voting for TV games, music or contests.

There are many possibilities to consider, but if you want firm answers, contact Three. Any agent will be able to explain the charges that appear on your monthly billing statement. Understanding what causes additional charges is of course the key to avoiding them going forward.