What to Consider When Selecting a Three Service Plan


Three offers many different service plans to pair with smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices. In order to make use of the service, you will be required to select a service plan. The choice is an important one, especially if you will be bound to a contract. You may be able to change to a more expensive plan, but may not be able to downgrade. Fortunately, Three provides plenty of information about the options, allowing their customers to make a wise decision.

The first decision that will need to be made is whether to subscribe to a monthly contract plan, or to use the Pay As You Go version of the service, which is prepaid. Both will have service limits, in accordance with the plan that you have selected. The three basic considerations will be phone minutes, texts, and data. This is for smartphones, of course, and for devices such as tablets, data is likely to be the only real consideration. If you plan to purchase a device from Three, the available plan options will be presented to you prior to completing the purchase.

The next decision will be between limited and unlimited plans. For example, you can choose a plan that provides a set amount of phone, text, and data service. With prepaid service, you will not be able to use the device once the limits have been reached, but with billed service, you will be billed for any overages. Unlimited plans are exactly that – unlimited. These plans cost more, but may actually save you money in the long run if you are consistently exceeding your limits on a monthly payment plan.

Some of the plans offered by Three do require an upfront cost, and you can see these on the company website. The website also allows you to select several devices and compare them side-by-side, including the plans that are offered with them. Note that if you already own a device, you may still be able to get service for that device. Contact Three if you would like to request a SIM card that will allow you to change your service over to the Three network. SIM only service is offered either one month at a time, or as part of a 12-month agreement.

Selecting a Three service plan is quite easy if you already have an idea of what your needs and budget are. The company offers many different plans to choose from, so there really are few limits. Both capped and unlimited plans are offered, along with many of the most popular devices and features. Visit the website or contact Three customer service to learn more about the current plans and rates that are being offered.