What PayPal Users Should Know About International Payments


With very few exceptions, PayPal provides its payment service globally. This means that users are typically able to send funds to someone outside of their home country. Although the process of sending and receiving funds to other countries is essentially the same as sending funds to someone within the same country, there are a few things that those who plan to send funds abroad need to know prior to doing so.

To begin, note that it is possible to send money in 24 different currencies. If you plan to send a payment or request a payment, it may not be necessary to send it in your own currency. There is a fee for requesting a currency conversion, however, do contact PayPal if you would like to know more about what these fees will be. Alternately, you can start the process of sending funds and view the applicable fees prior to submitting the payment. Before a transaction is completed, it can be cancelled.

With regards to fees, there are typically additional fees charged for sending money out of the country. These do vary, and in most cases are based upon where the funds are being drawn from. For example, it may be free or cheaper to send money from an existing PayPal balance than to make a payment that requires PayPal to pull the funds from your credit card or bank account. Again, the PayPal customer support team can help by explaining the associated costs.

Sellers who plan to sell and ship items internationally will want to familiarize themselves with the costs associated with doing so. Cross border fees do apply in many cases, as do both standard percentage and flat fees for some transactions. PayPal is considered to be one of the safest ways to pay for online purchases, and the company does keep its rates competitive for businesses and individual sellers who wish to accept orders from various locations around the globe.

As mentioned above, there are a few exceptions when it comes to sending International payments via PayPal. For instance, payments cannot be sent to India at this time. Furthermore, some PayPal users may only use the service to send outgoing payments, but are not allowed to accept incoming payments. The PayPal website provides a complete list of the currencies that can be used, along with the countries that can accept payments. Refer to this list or contact PayPal customer service if you have questions about the rules for your specific location.