What Is the ASOS Marketplace?


Those who shop on the ASOS website already know that there are thousands of products to choose from. Even so, few realize that the company offers access to thousands more by way of their marketplace. Just what is this marketplace, and why should ASOS customers pay a visit to it? Here, we answer this questions and provide information about this apparel and accessory shopping alternative.

In short, the ASOS marketplace is a place where the company promotes independent labels and vintage boutiques. At present, there are over 850 boutiques listed. Hundreds of sellers offer their products here, and these are offered in addition to the thousands of items that are already offered on the ASOS website. The reason to shop here is pretty clear. If you love fashion, then you want to have access to the broadest range of products. Here, they are all assembled in one place and are completely searchable.

From the sellers point of view, ASOS offers a way to place products in front of thousands of customers each day. Each boutique cost £20 per month, and a 20% commission is paid on each item that is sold through the marketplace. Shoppers may assume that these costs are passed on to them, but the truth of the matter is that there are some excellent deals to be found within the marketplace. Sale prices and discounts are frequently available, and shipping costs tend to be quite reasonable.

To access the marketplace, visit the ASOS website and click on the ‘Markeplace’ link. Once directed, shoppers can choose between Men’s or Women’s clothing, or can opt to simply click on the name of a specific boutique. ASOS customer service does offer some help with boutique purchases, but buyers are encouraged to directly contact sellers in order to solve most problems. The policies of each boutique can vary, so do consider contact sellers in advance of making a purchase if you have questions.

The ASOS marketplace is simply an alternative to the main website, offering more ways to fill your closet with the latest fashions. Clearance items, promo codes, sales and promotions are all offered in boutiques, meaning that there are deals to be had. Shoppers are free to check out this section of the website whenever they wish. You might be surprised to see the vast number and variety of unique styles that are being offered by ASOS sellers.