What Exactly is the Sky Protect Plan?


The fault of technology is in its vulnerability to unexpected breakdowns that can easily come between regular uses. For moments as such, the best way to deal is by having insurance. Sky Protect offers insurance coverage for any Sky equipment and viewing devices. Some of their services include various repairs and equipment replacements as needed. Their goal is to get their customers’ devices back to working condition as soon as possible. The Sky Protect plan is there to help customers limit their expenses and inconveniences when dealing with issues.

Sky Protect coverage typically includes both breakdown and accidental damage to dishes, boxes, routers, remotes, cables, and On Demand connectors. As long as coverage is up to date, there is no limit to the number of repairs or replacements customers can avail of. For irreparable devices, replacements will be given at no additional cost. Technician visits and 7-days a week Sky helpline calls are also free of charge.

In addition, Sky Protect can also extend coverage to include televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles. Coverage for televisions and game consoles are available as long as the devices are less than 8 years old. A delivery charge will apply to any televisions that have to be replaced. Laptops and tablets may also be covered as long as they are less than 3 years old. There is also a purchase cost limit of £2,000 for any covered devices, and these must be in good working condition when the insurance coverage is purchased.

Sky Protect can only authorize their company engineers to do repair work on equipment. The company does not use third-party engineers for any service calls. Sky Protect’s engineers are available for appointments every day of the week, even on weekends if necessary. To report any issues or to schedule an appointment, customers may contact the Sky helpline. Most repairs are completed at customers’ homes, unless the damage is too extensive that it requires the engineers to take the equipment with them. In such a case, the cost of collection and return of equipment will be covered by Sky Protect.

Sky Protect will send their customers a notice when the time has come to renew or purchase a new policy. They will include the specific rate that needs to be paid in order to continue insurance coverage. There is no predetermination as to how much this rate will be. For customers that use direct debit as a method of payment and wish to continue service, there will be no further action needed from their end.

All customers have the right to discontinue coverage at any time. To cancel service protection, customers may do one of several options to let the Sky customer service know: call the Sky phone number, send an email, or mail a notice through the post. For any further questions or information regarding cancellation, customers may also view the Policy Summary or Terms and Conditions sections of their coverage plan on the Sky Protect website.