What eBay Shoppers Need to Know about Returns


If you purchased an item on eBay and need to return it, there are some things that you need to know. Maybe the items not what you expected or maybe it arrived broken. Maybe it doesn’t fit, you were sent the wrong item, it has missing parts, or you simply do not like the item. The following are the general guidelines for returns, but when in doubt, call the eBay contact number and speak with one of their customer service agents.

If you have received your item and have decided to return it, the first step will be to sign into your eBay account and then navigate to the customer service section. You need to find where it says ‘Return an Item’ and click on the link. After, you can select the item that you want to return. There will be options to choose your reason for the return. Also, take note of the sellers return policy. It would be best to know that before bidding on an item. Some sellers have a no-return policy and can decline your request.

If you request a return and it in compliance with the sellers return policy, they have to accept your request. The seller is typically responsible for paying for shipping costs to return an item. Sometimes the buyer may be responsible for that if it is part of the sellers return policy. The seller needs to provide an address and any other necessary information to the buyer so they can return the item. Once you request to return an item, the seller needs to react within 3 days.

If a seller agrees to accept a return, eBay customer service will send you an email to notify you to print a return label so you can send the item back. You have 14 business days to send it back. Do be sure that the item is returned in the same condition as when it arrived. After the seller receives the item back, they have 6 days to refund you. Another option is to not a return an item (if this is what the seller agrees to) and the seller can issue you a full or partial refund. This would make sense of the item was damaged in shipping and arrived to you broken.

Sometimes the seller will send you a replacement instead of a refund. This is only for certain items and only if they have more of the exact same thing in stock. Most of the time refunds are issued within 3-5 days. If you used a credit card for the purchase, however, it could take up to 30 days. You need to go through this entire process in order to get your refund. Once you and the seller go through this entire process without any problems, the return request will be closed.

If you have requested to return an item and the seller doesn’t respond after 3 days, you can call the eBay contact number to request that they step in and help. A way that way be easier to return an item is to contact the buyer through messages on eBay. This way you can talk directly with each other to resolve the problem. If you still have questions, contact eBay or go to the customer service page on the website. You should find an answer to any question you have using one of these options.