What are Vodafone Big Value Bundles?


Vodafone is a popular digital communications provider with establishments in twenty-one countries around the globe. This emerging company offers quality services, a visible presence in the digital telecommunications industry, and a strong commitment to avoid increasing service prices during a committed contract. Vodafone customer service is available to answer questions about services and rates, including the Big Value Bundles referred to below.

Vodafone is well-known for offering exceptional deals that are hard to match. Recent surveys and research reveals that this aggressive firm continues to attract many loyal customers as time progresses. This is the main reason why Vodafone makes an earnest effort to offer excellent customer service to their loyal customers. Let’s take a close look at some of the two main reasons why many cellular service insiders consider Vodafone to be a leader in the industry.

Vodafone has a solid reputation for offering high speeds to their customers. This is great for daily browsing and video streaming. Vodafone contact will connect you to the customer service lines and representative that are extremely helpful. A call to the support team is the ideal method of personal communication when you are experiencing a problem with your mobile handset. Vodafone has shops in different city centers and towns. You can visit a shop in your area and get your issue resolved by an experienced expert.

Vodafone offers Pay As You Go plans for those who are not interested in entering into a contract. Vodafone Pay As You Go provide minutes, data, and texts without a contract. This gives customers flexible options that can be changed from month to month. SIM cards are free, and Vodafone gives customers reward points every time they top up their allowances. A pay-monthly plan is a suitable option for anyone that intends to stay a customer for a longer period of time.

Here are the highlights of the Pay As You Go:

Several Plans are Available

It is vital for you to know that Vodafone has several different pay-as-you-go plans. Some plans focus on minutes, while others focus on mobile data or text messages. The plan that’s ideal for you will depend on your own usage. Vodafone’s pay-as-you-go SIMs are free (you are only required to pay for the top ups). You can make changes that will be suitable your circumstances and usage.

Vodafone offers the following Big Value Bundles:

  • Ten Pounds Monthly Top Up – Unlimited UK texts, 150 UK minutes, 500MB 4G UK data, and 100 Rewards points
  • Fifteen Pounds Monthly Top Up – Unlimited UK texts, 250 UK minutes, 1GB 4G UK data, and 150 Rewards points
  • Twenty Pound Monthly Top Up – Unlimited UK texts, 500 UK minutes, 2GB 4G UK data, and 200 Rewards points
  • Thirty Pounds Monthly Top Up – Unlimited UK texts, Unlimited UK minutes, 6GB 4G UK data, and 300 Rewards points. Plus a roaming allowance of 100 minutes, 100 texts, and 500MB data to use when traveling in the Eurozone (call the Vodafone contact number to request information on roaming locations).

Reward Points

Reward points come with Pay As You Go top-ups. If you decide to add ten pounds, you will get 100 points. If you add twenty pounds, you will get 200 pounds. Customers can claim online rewards with their points. Some of the rewards include: free minutes, free data, free texts, selfie sticks, and new mobile handsets. Vodafone has emerged as one of the most popular cellular service providers in the world today. Vodafone’s plans are quite varied, so feel free to reach out to Vodafone customer service if you have any questions.