Western Union: 0870 218 5324

Phone the Western Union contact number shown here to speak with a Western Union customer service agent. Representatives can answer questions regarding sending money, receiving money, service costs, online accounts & transfers, phone transfers, and more. Current and prospective customers are free to call the Western Union phone number between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

Western Union Contact Number
0870 218 5324

Western Union provides a service that allows individuals to send money to other individuals, such as friends and family members. Funds can be sent from participating locations, by phone, or online. To find a local agent, call the Western Union telephone number listed here. A fee is charged for each fund transfer and Western Union customer services can provide you with the exact cost of a specific transfer. For any problems or questions regarding the service, call the contact number shown on this page and speak with a representative.

Western Union: 0870 280 5631

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5631
Media Relations+1-720-332-1000
Make A Complaint0808 234 9168
International Number+44 808 234 9168

Customer Service

Western Union has customer service available throughout the week for their customers, which works to shows a strong commitment to customer support. Western Union contact is provided in several different methods. These email, their website, the Western Union contact number, or even by contacting them via the social media platform of the customer’s choice. Customers should know that there will be someone to answer their questions at any given moment.

To contact Western Union via email, send the correspondence to: uk.customer@westernunion.co.uk or use the online contact form provided on the company website. To enquire about an online transaction via post, mail should be directed to:

Western Union Internet United Kingdom
PO Box 8252
London W6 0BX
United Kingdom

Online transaction enquiries can be addressed by calling the Western Union phone number between 7am and 10pm, seven days a week. Support is also offered during these same hours for general enquiries, concerns, complaints, and other matters.

Products & Services

Western Union offers many different services and products to their customers. The two most popular things that customers can do are sending and receiving money. There are many ways in which customers can do both of these things. Customers can find explanations and instructions on how to do these things on Western Unions official website which can be found at WesternUnion.com. There customers will find everything they could possibly need to have a successful transaction with Western Union. These services are available to anyone who is a new or existing customer of Western Union.

Sending Money

Customers can send money several ways through Western Union in-store and online. The first being creating an account online via the companies official website. The customer then select who they wish to send money to and how much money they would like to send. Customers can also buy money orders through the website which in turn can be sent to the intended recipient. There are restrictions, of course, but it is up to the customer to find out if the restrictions apply to them or their intended recipient. Sending money is one of the most popular things available to do within the website. For assistance with transferring funds, call the Western Union telephone number.

Receiving Money

Receiving money is very easy when customers work together with Western Union in-store and online. The first thing customers need is an online account with western Union which will allow them to receive the money and alert them of incoming transfers of money into their accounts. Customers can also receive money via money orders as well when they use Western Union. This is very easy and allows customers to get their money in a very little span of time. Receiving money is also something that can be done online using online transfers. For more information or assistance with receiving an online transfer, Western Union contact is recommended.

Problems & Complaints

If customers have a problem or complaint with Western Union they should not hesitate to call the Western Union number and report the problems that they are experiencing.Complaints are important to companies as they help the company know what can be fixed to make itself much better, so customers should not be afraid to report problems or employees they had problems with. If customers need to report a problem they can contact the company by email, phone, or reaching out to the company on social media platforms such as twitter. Customers are the most important part of every company, so companies want to fix any complaints that you may have.