Welsh Water: 0870 218 5234

Dial the Welsh Water contact number to be connected to the Welsh Water customer service department. Agents can provide information and assistance with establishing service, transferring service, billing enquiries, payment, water meters, problem reports, water meters, and more. The Welsh Water phone number for emergencies is a 24-hour line, but for general enquiries, calls should be placed Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, or Saturday from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

Welsh Water Contact Number
0870 218 5234

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW), founded in 1989, is a company that supplies drinking water and also offers waste water services to Wales and also parts of western England. Regulated under the Water Industry Act 1991 and headquartered in Nelson, Wales, DCWW took over various public sector undertakings and expanded gradually over time. Today, the company provides water services to thousands and can be reached by calling the Welsh Water contact number.

Welsh Water: 0870 280 5535

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5535
Make A Complaint0800 052 0145
International Number+44 800 052 0145

Welsh Water Customer Services

Welsh Water contact by phone is an option 24 hours each day with regards to emergencies. For all other matters, the business hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, and Saturday, 8:30am to 1:30pm. Live chat is an option on the company website, with two options to choose from: Billing chat and Emergency Operations chat. Customers will be able to contact Welsh Water via Facebook and Twitter, as the company is active on both. Email communication is also possible, but it is important to note that these will need to be sent from the website and the correct form to match your question or problem should be used.

Products & Services

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water offers a variety of products and services apart from supplying drinking water and waste water services. It offers services to private households, offices and commercial buildings and to developers and builders at construction sites. One can apply for water meters that help in calculating the amount of water used and calculate the water bill amount. Call the Welsh Water number shown here if you are interested in having a new meter installed.

The company also provides fresh water connection to new buildings and also repairs any damages in the old system. The company also deals in solving water leak problems, water logging problems, water quality issues like discolored and milky water, excess lead in water and taste and odor of the water. Apart from these, the company also offers different sewage services like development of proper sewage system, effective management of waste water to save water and reduce bill amounts.

Additional Services

In addition to water services, Welsh Water offers a complete water leakage and plumbing solutions for your home. They do offer checks for water quality and water hardness if you have concerns about either. Whether it is those water leakages or plumbing problems that refuses to go away, the company offers solutions. When problems are discovered and are related to pipes outside of the home, call the Welsh Water phone number to request that repairs be completed at no cost yo you.

The company does not directly handle problems that are not under their control inside the home, such as toilet leaks and busted pipe. However, Welsh Water can help install or repair piping and plumbing equipment such as water heaters. These services are not offered for free, since they are inside the home or considered to be a part of the structure. Call the Welsh Water telephone number to explore the options and costs of these types of repairs.

Welsh Water offers a few other benefits to its customers like free water connection in the same account if one moves in or out of a locality, and also helps you find skilled plumbers and ground workers in your locality to carry out any plumbing or sewage related activities. Welsh Water also has a number of visitor centres around Wales that offers various outdoor and recreational activities to families visiting the locations. Contact Welsh Water to schedule a service transfer or to request information about recommended service providers in your area.

Water Rates

Each water bill amount varies, based on the amount of water consumed, regional polices, and water availability. Welsh Water customer services can explain the current rate and different tariff plans that are currently available. The company does not offer rate quotes online at this time. The bill can be either metered or non-metered. One can pay bills very easily both offline and online. Bill payments can also be made by calling the Welsh Water contact number. Payment options include direct debit, credit/debit cards or internet and mobile banking.

Awareness Programs

The company organizes various school projects to make the younger generation understand the importance of water and the need to preserve it. Apart from this, it also organizes various camps to inform people on how to save water on day to day household activities. Welsh Water contact is advised if you are interested in having your children, students, or youth organisation participate in one of the awareness programs.