Virgin Mobile: 0870 280 0401

Call the Virgin Mobile contact number to get in touch with the Virgin Mobile customer service team to discuss your existing Virgin Mobile contract or to enquire about joining Virgin Mobile. The Virgin Mobile phone number is open between the hours of 8:00am to 12:00am (midnight) 7 days a week. The Virgin Mobile helpline can get busy in the evenings so to avoid delays, call Virgin Mobile during the daytime.

Virgin Mobile Contact Number
0870 280 0401

Virgin Mobile operates through a partnership between the Virgin Media Group and a nationally based mobile network company, for any given country. The wireless communications brand operates in many countries across the world. The group is the product of a merger between Telewest and NTL that was executed in 2006. VM made history by becoming the first company to supply television, telephone, wireless and broadband services. Those who need to speak with a company agent can call the Virgin Mobile contact number as shown here.

Virgin Mobile Customer Service

As with every mobile service provider, current and potential customers need to be able to contact them. Virgin Mobile can be contacted through various means. Customers can use phone, social media platforms, email, and web chat (which is sometimes available on the company’s website) for Virgin Mobile contact.  In addition to these contact methods, discussion forums are also available on the company website in order to facilitate help and support before calling customer service. If you do not have time to spend using alternate contact methods, simply call the Virgin Mobile phone number.

When calling the Virgin Mobile number, customer can ask for help with selecting phones, accessories or packages. The support lines are open throughout the day, and therefore you can report any problems or incidences such as theft of your phone. Physical assistance is also available at retail store locations, where employees help to set up phones, connect devices to the internet, or even give a detailed walk-through to show the features of each device. Technical help is also available, including the option to troubleshoot a problem over the phone. In some cases, faulty devices can be returned for repair or replacement. Contact Virgin Mobile to learn more.

There are many reasons why you may need to call the Virgin Mobile contact number and some of them are:

  • You have problems with your phone’s network connectivity
  • You have questions regarding the tariff such as changing or upgrading
  • You would like to know your monthly bill or allowance or you detected some errors
  • You wish to get a newer device
  • You would like to terminate your contract
  • You need help with your phone’s features

Service Plan Options

Handsets and tariffs that are offered by Virgin Mobile UK are available on both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go contracts, as well as simple SIM-only deals. The SIM-only deals are suitable and convenient for customers who do not want to commit to a single handset or get a new handset altogether. The company has an online store where it sells handsets and handset accessories such as earphones, cases, covers, memory cards and adapters. There is also a broadband service that is offered by the network and you can easily get to know more about this by calling Virgin Mobile UK customer service.

The Pay Monthly phones have a 14-day return policy and a 24-month warranty, which covers reasonable damage and theft. There are four types of monthly packages that are offered, including Starter, Essential, Premiere, and VIP. You can call the Virgin Mobile phone number listed on this page for more information about these packages. It is also worth noting that a customer can upgrade or downgrade from any of the four packages as they desire. Use the contact number that you see here to call and make changes to your account.

Reporting Service or Account Problems

Mobile communications networks sometimes run into problems and the service may be down. You can check the service status online on the company website. There, you get to see the service status on a local level. In addition, there is an important section on diagnosing and solving problems related to service. Another way of knowing the service status is by speaking directly to an agent by calling Virgin Mobile customer service. All problems related to service, equipment and devices can be reported through the contact number above.

User convenience is valued at Virgin Mobile and therefore, you can easily place product orders, settle your billing expenses, manage your services and so much more by creating an online account on their website. This will save you time that would otherwise have been spent going to the physical offices. In case you require assistance in creating the account, Virgin Mobile contact is recommended. The customer service will gladly help. You can make automated payments from your account, which gives you less to worry about since you will enjoy no service disrupts. Virgin Mobile UK customer service will deal with all questions regarding billing, payments and your online account.