Viagogo: 0870 218 1429

By calling the Viagogo contact number listed here, callers will be able to connect with the Viagogo customer service department. Agents can provide assistance with event information, ticket purchasing, ticket sales, and provide help in the event of a cancellation. The Viagogo phone number should be called between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Viagogo Contact Number
0870 218 1429

Viagogo provides an online platform for event ticket buying and selling. Concerts, sports, theater, festival tickets and more are available. Viagogo contact is recommended for those who experience any issues with buying or selling on the site. It is also recommended if an event is cancelled for any reason and a refund is in order. The Viagogo telephone number shown here can be called to request assistance with completing a purchase, or to request assistance with an online account. Complaints may also be submitted using the contact number listed here.

Viagogo: 0870 280 7034

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7034
Make A Complaint0203 137 1852
International Number+44 203 137 1852

Customer Service

There are a number of reasons why someone might call Viagogo customer services and these reasons will differ depending on whether the caller is buying tickets or selling them. Buyers may want reassurance that any tickets they buy will be valid and will be delivered before the event takes place. Sellers may want to know how they will be paid for the tickets that they are selling. Customer services will be able to answer any question that a person has regarding buying and selling tickets as well as any other information that they require about the service that Viagogo offers.

Buy Tickets

If tickets for a particular event have sold out, then tickets may still be able to be found by visiting the Viagogo site. Buyers can have confidence that the tickets that they buy will be delivered in plenty of time before the date of the event. Tickets for a wide range of events can be purchased at Viagogo including music and sporting events and it presents the buyer with an opportunity to get tickets for events that may be sold out. If any queries arise regarding buying tickets, customer services are on hand to answer any questions. Call the Viagogo phone number for assistance.

Sell Tickets

If a person has tickets for an event that they are not able to attend, or that they do not want to go to then they may choose to sell their tickets. Viagogo is a secure marketplace where sellers can connect with buyers that may be interested in taking tickets off their hands. This can be a much simpler system than trying to sell tickets via other avenues such as online auctions and it can help the seller to achieve the best price for their ticket. The full process for selling tickets can be explained by customer services if the seller initiates Viagogo contact.

Tickets Delivery

When a buyer has purchased tickets from Viagogo then they can have confidence that the tickets will be delivered in time for the event via secure courier. If there is a problem with any tickets then Viagogo will provide replacements at no extra cost. If a buyer wants to track their tickets then they can call the customer services contact number to find out the status of the delivery which includes an estimated delivery date. Viagogo customer services may also be able to help with getting tickets delivered to a different address if this is more convenient for the buyer.

Problems & Complaints

Customer services will be happy to try and resolve any problems that a customer may have experienced and it is this department that should be contacted in the first instance. The customer service agent will take all the necessary details about the problem and will try to resolve it themselves so it does not have to be passed to another department. If the person making the complaint is still not happy then all the information will be passed to the relevant department for further action to be taken. To submit a complaint, call the Viagogo telephone number as shown here.