Vanquis: 0870 280 5638

Use the Vanquis contact number to speak with the Vanquis customer service team about your Vanquis banking, to enquire about a new or existing loan to apply for a new Vanquis credit card. The Vanquis phone number is operational between the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday and between 9:30am to 5:30pm on Saturday. The Vanquis helpline experiences high call demands in the evenings so if you want to avoid being on hold call in the morning.

Vanquis Contact Number
0870 280 5638

Vanquis bank was first created by Provident Financial and became a subsidiary of the group. The bank became licensed for consumer credit services in 2002. UK residents with a limited or unstable credit history may be able to acquire credit cards through Vanquis. Other services offered by this bank include a fixed rate bond service that was launched in 2011. There are several options available for Vanquis contact, including calling the customer service telephone number that we have provided here.

Vanquis Customer Service

The Vanquis contact number can be utilized by all existing customers, as well as those that are interested in becoming a new customer. You can use the contact number shown here to inquire about the specific regarding Vanquis Visa credit cards, or to begin the application process. The Vanquis phone number can also be used to register complaints and grievances with customer service. The hours that the support team can be contacted are between 8am and 8pm Monday through Friday, and from 9:30am to 5:30pm on Saturday. Highly skilled advisers are ready to take your calls during these business hours, and can provide advice on how to manage spending and payments.

To begin a repayment plan, contact Vanquis. Timely payments of credit card balances can improve your credit score. Email is an additional contact option that can be used to reach out to customer care concerning repayment, a finance plan, and information about credit cards. To contact parent company Provident Financial, email address can be used. For complaints regarding credit cards or to clarify finance terms, you can mail a letter to: Vanquis Customer Action Team, Freepost RSBI-HULA-XLGG, P.O. Box 399, Chatham, ME44WQ.

Applying for a Credit Card

The credit card application that the company offers is simple to fill out. The repayment plans are quite flexible in order to meet specific needs. Some customers can receive interest-free credit if certain criteria are met. For those who are approved, the card can be used like all other credit cards to shop online or over the phone. This enables people with bad credit to have an opportunity to shop now and pay later while repairing their credit. There are two types of cards that can be applied for through this company. These are the Vanquis card, which carries a 60% APR, and the Aquis card which carries a 30% APR. Both of these cards can be used to establish credit or improve a credit rating. Call the Vanquis number to learn more about the various card options.

Who Should Apply?

Through Vanquis, a variety of people that would otherwise struggle with making purchases can receive financing options. The services provided by the company cater to all types of individuals including those with poor credit, people that that have been declared bankrupt, and even those who have a County Court judgment against them. Divorced or separated clients may receive credit, along with low and minimum wage earners. If you are new to the UK or are simply looking to improve your credit rating, call the Vanquis telephone number. While on the phone with them you can fill out an application, figure out which card is best for you, and gain advice to better your financial situation.

When applying for credit, the company will run credit score check on you through a third-party company. The three companies that they can choose from are Call Credit, Experian, and Equifax. With a low credit score report you may be unable to obtain a new card. If this happens, be sure to call the Vanquis customer service number and discuss your situation with them. Vanquis sets the limits on their credit plans that reflect an individual’s needs and the ability to repay a debt. New customers can benefit from credit limits in between £150 and £1,000. A credit increase request can be made after the 4th statement. Additional increases can follow after every fourth month.

Call Vanquis with Problems and Complains

If the member of the customer support team that you talked to is unable to provide you with a solution, they can offer you information on how to receive further assistance as well as extra steps that you can take in order to solve the problem. If you feel that Vanquis contact did not help and was not adequate in resolving the issue or inquiry, then you can transfer the matter to the ombudsman. The Vanquis customer support team is legally obligated to inform you about how to do this. However, most problems are solved by the company with just one call to the Vanquis phone number.