Utilita: 330 333 7442

Calling the Utilita contact number shown here will place you in touch with the Utilita customer service department. Agents are able to provide assistance with matters such as setting up new service, transferring service when moving home, accounts & billing requests, service outages, tariff information, and more. The Utilita phone number is open to callers Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Utilita Contact Number
330 333 7442

Utilita is a utility company that offers gas as well as electricity supplies only to the prepayment market. The company has experienced quite a lot of success and is now Britain’s leading supplier of prepayment energy. Utilita works to maintain competitively priced Smart Energy tariffs versus the “Big Six” energy companies, and continually develops services and technology to meet the needs of their customers. Using the Utilita contact number, current and prospective customers can reach out to the company to request information or obtain assistance.

Utilita Customer Service

Utilita contact is possible by phone, email, social media, and post. To call the company, dial the Utilita customer services number shown here. The phone support hours are 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week. To send an email, make use of the provided online form. You will be asked to make a few selections and then provide information regarding your enquiry. The company is on Twitter and Facebook, but it is best to contact Utilita by phone if you wish to report a loss of service. The mailing address is as follows: Utilita Energy Limited, Secure House, Moorside Road, Winchester, SO23 7RX.

Energy Services

Utilita is best known for offering energy service. In addition to providing gas and electricity services, customers can contact Utilita customer services to request impartial advice regarding increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. This service is often used by those who feel that they have been unsuccessful at saving money using their own conservation methods. Utilita contact can also be an option if you need to discuss payment arrangements. The company provides extra help to those customers that need it the most, such as senior citizens, the disabled, or those who are chronically ill.

Tariff Options

Utilita offers three main tariff options:

Smart E7: This provides a supply of electricity via an Economy 7 system. This is the same as the Smart Energy service, offering competitive pricing, a smart meter, and steady energy delivery via the pre-paid service. Contact Utilita to request a rate quote or to top up if you are currently using the service.

Premium Energy: This is the tariff choice for those who want to be provided with energy service, but do not want to have a smart meter installed in their home. This is the more expensive tariff option of the two. A rate quote for this tariff is available online or by calling Utilita customer services and speaking with an agent. The agent will use the details that you provide to offer an accurate quote.

Premium E7: The basic Economy 7 tariff for customers who do not want to make use of a smart meter. Similar to the other premium tariff, this is not a competitively priced tariff when compared to the Smart E7 service plan. Both non-metered tariff options will cost more than a smart meter plan.

Smart Meters

Utilita offers smart meters, and these can be installed in your residence within four weeks. These meters have an in-house touch screen that is connected to the gas and electric meters. The benefit is that the consumer is aware real-time energy usage and the credit amount which is available. This information will allow you the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and top up your account funds, respectively. Topping up can be completed via a variety of payment methods for the ease of use of the consumers. It can be done by calling the Utilita phone number, or by SMS, Paypoint outlets, and replacement cards.

Problems & Complaints

There are very few problems that occur, and these are often linked to smart meters. The home owner is aware of the consumption, the credit due, when the consumption peaks, etc. However, there could still be questions, doubts, or a discrepancy. When there is, calling the Utilita contact number is the best plan of action. The customer support team can view information on your smart meter through remote access. This allows them to check for problems and offer solutions when you call for help. In most cases, problems are solved in less than 24-hours.

Utilita complaints can be submitted via email or standard mail. Those who choose these methods over calling the Utilita phone number can expect a response within five business days. Should the resolution not be as per what the consumer wanted, then they the complaint is forwarded to the customer care manager. He or she will then work to resolve it. However, at any point in time during the resolution process, customers can contact the citizen’s advice consumer service to request third-party assistance.