Using Sky Apps to Get the Most from Your Services


Sky apps will provide viewers with breaking news stories, scores as they happen with top teams, live entertainment and much more. These favorites are available to you wherever you go in the UK or Ireland on your Android or Apple device. No matter where you travel in the UK or Ireland, you will have the power to search, explore and locate your favorite programs. You can then record or download them straight to your Sky+HD box no matter where you are. The following information will help you set up, download, and use these apps. Additional information is available at the Sky contact number. Experienced, professional, and courteous customer service representatives are ready to answer any questions or help you through any issues.

The Sky+app requires a compatible Sky+HD box connected to your device through the same broadband network. This connection can be through a wireless connection or wired. To record or download programs your Sky+HD box needs to be registered with your Sky iD. Recording the programs is free, but you may incur Wi-Fi or mobile network charges. The help section of the app contains more details if you have additional questions.
This app can be downloaded from the App Store by Sky customers in the UK or Ireland area. Once downloaded you will have access to the TV Guide and be able to complete Remote Record when connected to the internet. The app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later and works on the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch. If you experience any difficulties with the app or have trouble with downloading, contact Sky customer service.

If you live in the UK or Ireland, you can download the Android version of the Sky+app through Google Play. To download this app you are required to have an OS system of 2.2 or higher. When the download is complete, you will be able to access the TV Guide to complete Remote Record after entering your Sky iD. Remote Record will work through either a 3G or 4G internet connection. During the download, if you experience any difficulty, contact Sky customer service support.

The Sky remote control feature allows you to control your TV and your Sky box. With this feature in place, you can turn your TV on and off, control the volume, and change the input selection all with your Sky remote control feature. When have signed into your Sky app, you will see a remote control on the navigation bar. Tap the icon or go to the TV Guide and tap a channel icon and use your app the same as your TV’s remote control. There is a “Show Gesture Guide” with more instructions, or you can contact the customer service support if this feature does not work properly.

Managing your record settings is done by opening the app and clicking on the Sky logo. Select the ‘settings’ option and then click on the Remote Record icon. After entering your Sky iD and password these settings can be managed online through your Sky account. For questions or help with the record feature, call the Sky contact number.