Using PayPal Mobile Services to Send and Receive Money


Many PayPal users miss on the convenience of a mobile app simply because they don’t know about it. And the truth is, both business and private account owners can benefit from using the application, without the need to even turn on a laptop or desktop. Almost all functions that are available via PayPal website are now available via a mobile app – and the best thing is, it’s available for all three most popular platforms, including iOS, Windows, and Android.

The most basic task that you can do with the app is send money and pay for your purchases. If for the transfer you use money from your PayPal account and you send it within your own country, you don’t pay anything. Same goes with transfers to your family and friends, as they are free of charge too. If you load your PayPal account with the money from your account balance, that’s usually free as well. But if you have no money in the balance and PayPal is forced to charge your credit or debit card, certain fees may apply.

With the app, you can also track your current balance easily. This is important to avoid the situation mentioned above, in which PayPal has to charge you extra fees for using your card. If you are using PayPal debit card, the app can help you keep up with how much you spend as the information are updated immediately. Please pay attention though that PayPal won’t pull the funds for pending transactions instantly so evaluate your spending as you go.

Additionally, businesses that use PayPal can ask for a card reader to accept payments with the use of their phone or other mobile devices connected to the Internet. The card reader allows the customer to swipe his debit card and then sign in to approve the transaction. This is a perfect way for all business owners and self-employed people to accept PayPal funds for transactions and have them transferred directly into their account. To check the fees, contact PayPal customer service.

Of course, one of the biggest issues when it comes to mobile devices is their security. A password on the phone is a must, but that may be not enough. Always log out after you use your PayPal app and delete the app entirely any time you change your phone. There are also other security measures that can help you stay on the safe side and protect you from any unauthorized use of your funds. To learn more, visit PayPal website or contact PayPal’s customer support.