Using Payforit to Purchase Digital Content via Three


Payforit can be used to pay for digital content such as apps and games from your smartphone or computer. The payment service was created by mobile operators and has become popular with tech savvy individuals. When using Payforit, the charges for what you purchase are added directly to your Three monthly billing statement. If you use ‘Pay As You Go’, the charges will be added to the balance, without the need for using a credit or debit card to pre-register. Three customer service will be happy to help those who are using the service for the first time.

Not all companies accept Payforit as a payment method. Those that do will display the Payforit logo somewhere on their website. When you use the service, any charges for your purchases will appear in a designated section on your billing statement. Also included will be the name of the service, the rate that was charged, and a contact number that can be called if you have any questions about the specific charge. Do not hesitate to call the Three contact number if you notice any charges that you do not recognize.

To pay for content, you will need to opt to submit payment by mobile. When you do this, you will be forwarded on to the Payforit payment screen. There will be at least two steps to complete. The first will be to review the name of the item, what it costs, the name of the company that is providing it, and possibly additional details. There will also be a ‘Buy’ button which you can click to complete the purchase. There is the need to confirm the purchase before it is completed. Terms and conditions are available, and it is wise to look over these before completing a purchase.

Once a purchase is completed, you will be taken to a confirmation screen. After that, you will be redirected to the site of the merchant. You will receive a text message to confirm the purchase, and you may want to hold onto this until you are sure that you have the content and that it is everything is functioning appropriately. It may be necessary to contact the merchant directly if there are content issues, but for payment issues, it is likely that you will need to call the Three customer service number.

If a Payforit transaction is declined, you will receive an on screen message and you will not be billed. If you are using ‘Pay As You Go’ billing, this can happen when there are not enough funds in your balance to cover the cost of the purchase. Note that Three is not responsible for Payforit purchases and does not refund purchases that are made using the service. Even so, do not hesitate to contact Three customer service prior to making a purchase to ask questions about merchants, billing, and payment processes.