Universal Credit: 0870 218 5083

Dial the Universal Credit contact number to speak with a Universal Credit customer service adviser. Advisers can provide assistance and information regarding eligibility requirements, tax credits, claims submission, payments, change reporting, appeals, and more. The Universal Credit phone number is open for incoming calls Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm.

Universal Credit Contact Number
0870 218 5083

Universal Credit was first introduced in April 2013 as a new welfare benefit intended to slowly replace the six different tax credits and means-tested benefits currently received. Universal Credit provides financial assistance to applicants during a time in their life when they’re returning to the working world. As a person earns more, their payment amounts are reduced. To obtain comprehensive information on issues related to benefits, as well as determine whether or not you are eligible to make a claim and learn how to apply online, call the Universal Credit number.

Universal Credit: 0870 280 5506

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5506
Make A Complaint0345 6000 723
International Number+44 345 600 0723

Universal Credit Helpline

By calling the Universal Credit phone number, you can receive information and support on various issues, including what benefits you may be entitled to while looking for a new job or earning a low wage. The contact number provided here is a 24-hour helpline that is available 7 days a week. In order to reach a live agent, you should contact Universal Credit between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you are experiencing difficulty making an online claim, you also have the option to get assistance at your local Jobcentre Plus.

When applying for Universal Credit, having certain information in hand can help speed up the process. This includes:

  • National Insurance Number
  • Details regarding any savings and/or capital
  • Information on any benefits you may be receiving at the present time
  • Information on any income you may receive
  • A rental agreement, if one is available
  • Your address and postal code
  • Information on the bank, post office, or building society (for incoming payments)

In most cases, a claim can be filed in 20 to 40 minutes, provided that you have all of the information needed available. The Universal Credit phone number can be used by anyone who needs a representative to answer questions about the application process.

About Universal Credit

While receiving benefit payments, recipients are able to go back to work without entirely losing assistance. However, the amount that is received may be reduced. The gradual decrease in payment amounts makes the transitional period before receiving your first paycheck from your job easier. Universal Credit contact is recommended if you are already receiving benefits and have questions about how the amount will be tapered off over time for your specific circumstances.

The six benefits replaced by Universal Credits include:

  • Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Income Support
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Working Tax Credits
  • Universal Credit Eligibility

The first step to determining your eligibility involves calling your local Jobcentre to see if applications are being accepted. After you have determined they are, you may apply online or call the Universal Credit helpline. Calling the support department gives you the opportunity to determine your specific eligibility and discuss any other issues you may have with a professional who is familiar with the most up-to-date regulations and guidelines.

In addition, calling the Universal Credit telephone number gives you access to and insight on what the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HMRC hope to achieve by streamlining the benefits listed above through Universal Credit. This may include decreasing the chances of fraud and/or error, simplifying the transaction process, and providing incentives for both employees and employers.

Acceptance of Payments

In the same way that regular salaries are often paid, Universal Credit is paid into a bank account. Call the Universal Credit number if you need to provide your bank account information. The system is designed to help individuals getting back to work become used to living and budgeting on a monthly income to ensure there is no financial upheaval once they return to work. In the event a job loss is unexpected, payments will start immediately to cover the person’s immediate needs, unlike the current claim submission system which can take several weeks to go into effect.

In addition to other improvements, Universal Credit eliminates the need to go to a Jobcentre Plus location and collect payment slips. Instead, the money is paid directly into a bank account or building society once a month. A single payment will be made as opposed to the separate benefits you may have received in the past. If you are claiming as a couple, your benefits will also go to a single bank account.

Assistance and Appeals

The Universal Credit phone number will connect you to a helpline that provides information on how to appeal to the DWP for a claim review. If you are not happy with the decision the DWP has made regarding your case, an appeal is suggested. This may provide you with an explanation of the original decision, as well as insight into further developments. Contact Universal Credit to request addition information regarding the appeals process.