UCAS: 0870 218 5184

Calling the UCAS contact number shown here will place you in touch with the UCAS customer service department. Advisers can provide information and assistance with choosing a course, application submission, finance & support, and more. UCAS phone number opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm (UCAS Progress lines are open 9:00am to 5:00pm).

UCAS Contact Number
0870 218 5184

Since 1993, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services have provided services for those who have planned to attend university. Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and largely funded by its applicants via application and capitation fees, this organization plays a significant role in assisting their students with selecting which level of study and course work is the best fit for them. Therefore, when students apply for the course work that they have chosen, UCAS becomes the liaison between the student and the university, on behalf of the student. Through UCAS contact, students and parents can learn more about the services offered.

Contact UCAS

So, for who are interested in obtaining UCAS services, it is important to note that they can be contacted during the hours of 08:30 – 18:00 from Monday – Friday. Callers should have their personal ID readily available to give to the representative (if they have received this number). Telephone assistance is also available for the hearing impaired. Even though UCAS can be contacted via email and social media, the preferred method for handling application changes is via telephone due to the lesser security in transmitting information.

Students must also be aware of what the application process entails. Presently, the student must submit the following information: employment history, a comprehensive personal statement about themselves, which includes their abilities, the reasons why they fit the course that has been chosen, and what the student is expecting to achieve in the future (both personally and academically). This information must be submitted along with a reference from a teacher or an employer. The price for these services is approximately £11 to apply for one course or the student may be required to pay £22 if they want to apply for two or more courses.

UCAS: 0870 280 5518

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5518
Make A Complaint0371 468 0 468
International Number+44 371 468 0468

Clearing Process

It is also important that students become very familiar with the Clearing process. This includes those students who are not accepted onto their desired courses. For instance, during the clearing process, universities have an opportunity to fill their leftover places with those students that had conditional offers but did not get a chance to complete the conditions of their offer before the deadline. The time frame assigned to this process starts during the month of July thru September. Ring the UCAS contact number for instructions outside of these months.

The primary concept behind this process is to give these students a chance to locate courses that are still suitable to them, while they also work with providers directly to offer a place. This vacancy list can be found online via the Telegraph newspaper or by calling the UCAS number. So, once the student has viewed this list, they can begin the process of contacting the university that they are interested in following thru directly. Students must be ready to give the associated clearing number and their personal id in order to obtain a verbal offer. Once the verbal offer has been secured, this information must be entered in track.

When this part of the process is completed, UCAS will provide these students with a notification from their university of choice. This notification will tell the student if they have any conditional or unconditional offers. Call the UCAS helpline if you do not receive the notification. The qualifications of receiving a conditional offer are dependent on grades, while the unconditional offer accepts the grades that the student has already achieved. It is also important to note that students can be rejected for numerous reasons including not meeting the university’s entry requirements or failing the interview.

Tracking Your Application

After you have submitted your application, you can track its progression by logging into the UCAS tracking system or by calling the UCAS phone number. You can use this system to see if the application has resulted in a chosen university offering you a place on the course or has invited you for an interview. Depending on the results, students can also respond to an interview offer or make other appropriate changes. Students can always contact UCAS if they have questions about contact that has been received from a university.

Students who received conditional offers must meet certain types of minimum requirements. For most students, this may mean waiting until summer Results Day for their acceptance or rejection. Conditional offers usually appear in the system as follows: A level AAB with an A in Geometry and 2 other math/sciences. With an unconditional offer, it means that the student has already met the minimum entry level specifications. However, they may still have certain things pending like a medical check. When accepting this offer, the person cannot have an entering clearing or an insurance choice.

UCAS contact may be required in other situations, such as the case of a withdrawn application. If the student does not respond to the universities notifications or misses their interview, the application can be withdrawn. Unsuccessful applications are those that have not been accepted onto the selected course. The reason for the unsuccessful applications can vary so the university will either enter the info immediately or at a later date. UCAS help is available if you have questions regarding these types of application statuses.