Troubleshooting Problems with Your Sky Remote


Troubleshooting Problems with your Sky Remote can be challenging, but Sky customer services is always available to help. In many cases, the problem is a simple and easy fix, but first, check to make sure the box is working correctly. If you would like to troubleshoot the problem before making a call for help, the following information will help.

Start out by checking your TV input settings will help to ensure you that your TV is tuned into the correct channel for viewing. You should begin by pressing the input button on your remote and choose the correct channel relating to your Sky box. Make sure the red light on the remote does not flash when you press buttons, if it does, then this means your batteries need to be changed because they are so low that remote will not work.

Reset the remote control, and then press the Sky button. Make sure to select the correct TV mode before you start pressing any buttons on the remote control. Also, check to make sure that the sensor is not being blocked by an object. Reprogramming your remote for Sky is an excellent idea, especially if you have just purchased a new TV or you have recently replaced the batteries in the remote.

You will need to find the correct remote control code to program the Sky remote control to your TV. You can do this by entering the TV make and model numbers in the online look up tool provided for Sky customers. This tool will allow you to find the code for your TV easy. If the volume buttons do not work, then the remote will need to be reprogrammed. If you do not see the information that is needed for your device, call the Sky contact number and speak with one of their helpful customer service agents.

If you have lost your remote control, then you may press the Q button on the box for the locator beep. The remote will continue beeping for about thirty seconds. Sky help and support is also available online to help you with fixing problems, setting up email and phone, making changes to your account and more. Sky offers clients an app to help them troubleshoot problems fast. This app can be downloaded and is free to Sky clients. To use the app, you must have a compatible device. Certain fees may apply to your specific device.

After you have completed all of these steps, if you are still experiencing problems, then you can get in touch with Sky customer service. In some cases, the remote may need to be replaced. If necessary, an agent can arrange to have one delivered to you when you contact Sky.