Tips for using the eBay Global Shipping Program


The Global Shipping Program service is provided by eBay and helps to simplify and economize the selling of a product to an international buyer. The company has ensured that all eligible listing for sellers are qualified for the service automatically. eBay customer service fields lots of questions about this service, but before calling them you can read through this overview of how the service works.

To begin:

  • You need to list your item.
  • Your product needs to be bought by an international buyer from an eligible country.
  • You need to ship the item to an authorized customs center.
  • From there, eBay will manage the product shipment and customs process.

In order to be eligible for the service, you will need to have a seller rating of standard or above. You will also need to be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations under the user agreement. There are product eligibility requirements as well. The following are general conditions which must be met, but you may want to call the eBay contact number for additional details.

For your product to be eligible, you need to consider the following:

  • Product needs to be physically located in the UK.
  • Item needs to be listed for sale on eBay.
  • Item needs to be listed within a GSP accepted category.
  • PayPal must be one of the payment methods.
  • The delivery address should be a street or residence address.
  • The package should not exceed the stated maximum scale weight or volumetric weight.
  • The item/package should not exceed the maximum dimensions.

For further on weight limits, contact eBay and speak with a customer service agent.

Shipping and Tracking

When you sell a product and are ready to transport it, the customer details are created automatically on your dashboard. If you don’t want to use the label, you need to add the customer identification number on the details and send it on to the global transport location. The assigned number allows you to track the package from the moment you transport it to the time it reaches your buyer. The buyer is notified via email when you send the tracking number, and it is also available in their account purchases area online.

When you have your own shipping method that sends tracking information to buyer, you need to send them only the global tracking number only to prevent confusion. You need to include a reference number to eBay when you create your own label. When you buy shipping insurance, this will protect you against any loss or damage to the package. However, insurance protection ends once the item arrives at the GSP location.

As the seller, you are responsible for getting the package safely to the eBay sorting center. You will not be responsible if it’s damaged or gets lost during international shipping. If there are any problems, call the eBay customer service number for assistance.