Tips for Updating Your Information with DVLA


People who do not have the correct personal information filed with the DVLA can actually be fined in the United Kingdom. While this is unlikely to happen, it certainly does happen often enough that people should take steps to avoid it. People who move need to make sure the DVLA knows about it. Otherwise, they might end up getting fined one thousand euros for something that was completely preventable.

People need to let the DVLA know that their vehicle registration, vehicle tax, and driver’s license facts are all current. Giving the agency the information that they need is not actually going to cost people anything, but getting caught without the correct current information could. It takes roughly three steps in order for people to make sure that they keep everything current and safe, and updates can be completed through DVLA contact.

Make sure that the information regarding your new home address is current. People can complete this part of the process over the phone or through email. All it takes is a D741 sent through the post and a return for the photocard driver’s license. People can contact the DVLA in order to get them to send the D741 form, or they can download the form online.

A given vehicle is going to have a V5C registration form, and people need to be sure to update the home address information there as well. If the vehicle is actually going to stay at this new address, this part of the process is absolutely essential. The V5C registration form is going to have a section that covers this in section 6, and that is where people should record the new address. In section 8, people can sign and date the declaration areas. The DVLA needs to receive the entire finished and updated V5C form.

People absolutely need to have DVLA contact if they are using direct debit. Vehicle taxes will become a problem, and people need to update their home addresses accordingly. People can get all of this straightened out by calling the DVLA, writing to them, or emailing the DVLA.

While most of these procedures go for permanent address changes, people who are going through temporary address changes are going to need to report them as well. Students need to make the appropriate changes if they are going to take their cars on campus with them. There can be some gray areas involved with temporary address changes, but people should be able to get everything squared away by getting in contact with the right DVLA agent. People who do not keep their address information current are risking all sorts of problems where the information is going to go to the wrong address. Changing addresses should mean really changing addresses thoroughly and carefully.