Tips for Transferring Sky Equipment when Moving Home


People will usually want to take their Sky services when they are moving home. Transferring the service is all about completing the right set of steps. Sky customer service agents can help people if that becomes absolutely necessary. However, people should still be able to transfer their phone, television, and Internet services independently.

People need to start by dialing the Sky contact number in order to let the representative know that they are planning on changing locations and that they need to transfer their services. There is also a moving home form that people can submit online, and people should be able to complete most of the process online at this point. If everything worked out all right, people should get the appropriate confirmation form. People will need to move their equipment in order to complete this transfer, and they should know all about that part of the process. Sky can answer any questions related to this part of the process, especially with regards to the changing of devices.

People need to make sure that they bring all of the devices that they use through Sky to their new location, even if they barely even use those devices. Naturally, people are not going to be taking their satellite dishes or any of the cables that specifically connect to the satellite dishes, however. The equipment that they must take will include:

– Internet cables
– Sky boxes
– Remote controls
– Broadband router
– Viewing cards
– Wireless connector

Some people are going to have other types of Sky equipment beyond this selection. If that is the case, then people are going to need to make sure that they bring that equipment with them as well. Some people will have additional rooms in their new houses, and they might be able to view the Sky television in a multitude of different rooms in a way that would not have been possible previously. People will need to bring the new viewing cards that are sent to them if this is the case.

A Sky engineer is going to be on hand at the new house in order to finish the entire setup, and the Sky engineer will need the new viewing cards, among other things. People should be sure to have everything ready by the time the Sky engineer shows up, which includes having the television and other devices set up, or the entire process is going to take longer.

People need to make sure that they were officially granted permission to install dishes in their new locations. People might need to talk with their landlords if applicable. Some people might end up removing their Sky dishes otherwise, and no one wants that. For more information on permissions, call the Sky contact number.