Tips for Submitting Early Applications for DVLA Vehicle Tax


The opportunity to tax a vehicle in advance can make a big difference for United Kingdom drivers, and it is a possibility that they can enjoy. Two months before the expiration, people can tax their vehicles according to DVLA regulations. Some people are going to be away when the tax expires, and this regulation allows people to avoid running into problems.

The DVLA requires some information in advance before people can take advantage of this opportunity. Drivers need a letter detailing their explanations for applying for the tax early. The DVLA is going to need the V5C registration certificate, a V10 form or a V85 form. The V85 form is for taxing a heavy goods vehicle and the V10 form is for a vehicle tax application. People can download these forms online or get the DVLA to send them by post.

Drivers need to send a goods vehicle testing certificate that must be valid at the beginning of the new tax and a MOT. The process requires payment that needs to be made out to the DVLA Swansea, which can be in the form of a check, banker’s draft, or postal order. People should not send cash through the post. Ideally, they should avoid using cash in general, although it might get accepted by the DVLA. The address is as follows: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DZ.

Drivers who cannot or will not apply in advance can explore some other choices by calling the DVLA contact number. It is possible to go through a good portion of this task online. DVLA can help people who are in need of assistance when it comes to completing this process independently. The V5C vehicle registration certificate, payment, and vehicle registration number will all be important for this part of the process. Otherwise, this is the sort of thing that people can largely do from their homes.

People who are just interested in completing an early tax payment are not going to be able to rely on the online system exclusively. The online system can help people pay from the fifth of the month of the taxation deadline. If the tax is going to expire on the thirtieth of September, people can pay on the fifth of September. There are lots of support agents available through the DVLA who can answer questions on everything from paying the tax online and paying the tax early to which forms are important for the process.