Tips for Solving PayPal Account Log In Problems


When you open a PayPal account, you will have the ability of sending money to your family and friends in countries approved by the payment system. Apart from that, if you are working as a freelancer or operating a business, you can get paid easily and be able to spend the money by shopping on online platforms around the world or you can withdraw to your bank account. There are times when you will have problems logging into your account and below are tips to help you resolve the problems.

Email Address

You need to ensure that when typing your email address, it should not contain any spaces between the characters. For example, your email address should be “” when typing in the field provided on the payment system. Before logging, in you need to make sure that no spaces exist between “xyz” and “@” or between “@” and the email provider name (which in this example is “abcd”). If you feel that you are entering your address correctly and are still experiencing problems, call the PayPal contact number for customer service.

You need to make sure that in the login form, you input your email address which you used to open he account with and not your name. Your names are used in the profile to help identify that the account belongs to you. They cannot be used to log into your account. You need to include the domain name (.com) at the end of the email. When you don’t, the system will recognize it as a basic statement and it will return an error. No longer have access to your email? You can utilize the old email and use to log into the account. Once you have done so, you change it at the settings section.

Password Issues

When setting up your password, you need to make sure that it does not contain any spaces. Instead of using a space, you can join the letters together as this will allow you to remember the password as it is. To create a strong password, it needs to have 8 characters or longer. Use alphanumeric instead of alphabets and numbers only. Never use an easy to remember password or a common word or number in your life. While it is easy to remember, it will lead to your account being compromised by others. Apart from using alphabets and numbers, you need to mix between small and capital letters. This helps to make your password stronger.

Have you forgotten your password or email address? You don’t have to worry. Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link and follow the instructions or call PayPal customer service. This will allow you to reset your password and email. Remember, the system will ask you to provide answers to security questions or provide your credit/debit card number. If you are unable to answer the security questions, you will be required to contact PayPal for help.