Tips for Requesting Special Plates from the DVLA


The DVLA issues special, personalized plates to the people who apply for them. People need to submit special requests in order to get them. Drivers should consider the price of the plates as well as the rules involved before they submit a request for a personalized plate.

Naturally, people might have to compromise when it comes to the personalized license plate inscriptions that they want. People cannot add vulgar messages to the back of their cars. The requests that involve words that are not allowed will be denied and people will receive notification. Duplicated license plates are also not allowed, and this tends to be a big problem when it comes to personalized license plates. People who have made a duplicated request will get the same notifications.

People should know that regardless of the message involved, a personalized plate is going to cost more than a standard license plate. People can learn about the costs on the DVLA website or by calling the DVLA phone number. There are special rules regarding the placement of the license plates, special orders, renewals, or the transfer of plates between vehicles.

People are going to have to wait in order to receive their license plates. They can place their orders for their new license plates online at this point. People who want to speed up the process may be able to get the license plates from dealers or from the private sales that hobbyists might conduct.

Customers who might be interested in personalized license plates in the future should consider the possibilities involved with DVLA auctions. Customers should be able to attend these DVLA auctions around six times in the working year. Prior to the auctions, they can check online in order to get the complete list of numbers for the sake of getting a sense of whether they’re going to find what they want at the auctions. The plates are highly priced here since the reserve prices begin at one hundred and thirty euros. People can place their bids through the post, online, in person, or over the phone.

Many people will feel that the effort involved with getting a personalized plate through the DVLA is worthwhile. The rules regarding the registration numbers for the personalized license plates are relatively straightforward. The DVLA is always available over the phone and through email for any questions related to the process of getting a personalized license plate.