Tips for Ordering or Bidding for Plates from the DVLA


All people who reside in the UK can get special plates for their vehicles. This process is different from requesting standard plates, and you will have to apply to the DVLA. Special plates are not issued on the spot, and you will be asked to turn in an order form to request them. Keep in mind that although having unique plates is a great thing, they do cost extra, and there are a few regulations that you have to obey while applying for these plates.

First of all, what you can and can’t put on the plates is strictly regulated. You can’t ask for plates that spell anything that is considered inappropriate or misleading. If you submit a plate project that has words that do not qualify, you will be notified and the project will be rejected. The same thing happens if your project is already used by another driver, except you will be notified immediately if a plate is already in the system.

The cost of special plates is higher than that of standard ones. All the pricing information, together with all the rules and regulations (including renewals and plate transfer), can be found on the DVLA site. You can also use the site to submit your application. Though, because processing the order takes some time, you may want to buy a plate at an auction, from a dealer or a private seller. If you have questions about how to do this, contact DVLA.

The DVLA auctions are held around six times every year and are an excellent way to buy an attractive plate for as low as £130. That price is where reserve prices start. You can check the available plates on each auction online. You can use other contact methods. Feel free to visit DVLA office in person, call one of its representatives on the phone, or even send a standard mail. When online bidding is not an option, phone bids may be accepted.

It’s hard to tell what the price of the deal from a private seller will be. However, if you decide to get a brand new plate, keep in mind that the process takes some time. The rules and regulations, although quite strict in some parts, are totally understandable. Unless you were planning to submit words that are inappropriate, there should be no problems. To get more information about the DVLA special plates and order one for yourself, call DVLA and speak to one of the employees. They will be more than happy to help you.