Tips for Managing Your Sky Bills and Payments


Paying bills is a part of life that no one enjoys. However, Sky does try to make the process easier by providing their customers with more than one option for bill payment. Whether you are all for using technology to manage your bill payments, or prefer to old-style methods of getting bills paid, Sky has an option for you. If you are trying to pay a bill and running into problems, it is best to skip past this information and call the Sky contact number to speak with a customer service agent.

We’ll spend just a moment discussing the standard bill payment methods, mail and phone. You can still choose to receive a paper bill and send the payment in using the provided envelope. If you prefer to pay by phone, call the Sky customer services contact number and use to automated system to complete the payment using a debit or credit card. If you need to speak with a live agent, there will be the option to be connected to one (during business hours).

Another option is to submit payment online. First, you will need to log into your account. Next, you will click on the ‘My Account’ link, followed by the ‘Bills & Payments’ link. In that area of the website, you will be able to see your billing statement, along with a current list of the services that you are subscribed to. It is possible to make a one off payment, or to set up direct debit, which will ensure that your bill is paid automatically each month. Call the Sky phone number to set up direct debit payments.

It is possible to pay your bill using your television and the interactive billing tool. Press ‘Interactive’ on your Sky remote control and then proceed to the ‘My Account’ area. Enter your viewing card PIN when prompted to proceed with the payment process. The Sky service app can also be used to pay. First tap ‘Bills & Payments’ and then tap ‘Make a Payment’ to get started. You will then need to enter your debit or credit card details and approve the payment in order to complete the process.

There is no obligation to use the same payment method each month or to save payment details to your Sky account. However, doing these things is likely to make it easier to pay your bill each month. If you ever have questions about the charges that appear on your billing statement, contact Sky customer service. Any agent will be able to explain to you what the charge is for, and let you know if the charge is a one-time fee or will be a recurring cost. Agents can also make changes to your service and update your account details if needed.