Tips for Keeping Your Three Phone Service Active


There are different payment schedules and options which you can choose to pay your Three service bills. Regardless what you choose, a payments plan in which you pay on a monthly basis or prepay for their services, you most likely want to know what other options are available. Three accepts payments from various locations in the United Kingdom. The following article will guide you through all of them.

Most people choose to pay for the company’s services online. Simply create your account on the website and log into it to conveniently choose a payment method that you consider the most suitable for your needs. This can be manual payments each month, or you can choose to go with automated payments. To find more detailed information about payment methods and get assistance should you need one, you can contact Three customer service. Agents are always ready to answer any questions regarding managing your account.

Apart from credit card payments, the company offers vouchers worth £10 to £50, which you can purchase at Three stores, online, and chosen retail outlets. The vouchers can be used to cover the past or future payments, either in part or in full. Simply add them to your online account by entering the 16-digit number which you can find on your voucher card and they will be automatically applied or applied as needed.

You can also use cards from Barclays, HSBC, The Coventry, Nationwide, Yorkshire or Clydesdale, to top up from any of the HSBC or Barclays cash machines. To do that, enter your phone number and then choose the amount of money that you want to top up with. This way you will add money to the balance of your Pay as You Go account and the funds to it will be sent right from your chosen bank account.

Another payment method is by calling Three customer service. A company representative will guide you through the payment process step by step. You can use this method to add money to your prepaid accounts as well as to manage payments on your standard billing accounts. When choosing the payment method you have to check with your bank. Although Three doesn’t charge you any fees for any of the payment methods, your bank may impose certain fees on you.

Three tries to make the payment process as easy as possible. Paying for their services online is the easiest and most comfortable way of making a payment, but if you need help, phone payments may seem more convenient. Buying a voucher can be a bit of trouble, but you never know what way you may need to use to pay your bills.