Tips for Cancelling or Changing Your Sky Services


If you have decided to change service providers and leave Sky, you will need to cancel your current subscription before moving on. In order to achieve this, you need to call the Sky contact number to make your wishes known. You can also live chat with the support staff that is online during business hours. What follows is some general information that will help you to make changes to your service or to cancel your service without any hassles.

If you are changing to Virgin Media and you don’t want to change your phone number or account details, you will have to contact the Sky customer services team so that they can cancel your current services but retain your information. You need to contact the team in order to avoid cancellation fees and you have to do this before or after you have placed your order directly with your new provider. If you are moving your subscription to another provider other than Virgin Media, then you can place the order directly via your new provider.

If you want to cancel your subscription to Sky broadband, you will have to call their customer service contact number. You can also visit their website and start a live chat which will allow you to speak with one of the support staff. You will be required to provide information which will be used to verify your account. You may also be asked a few questions about why you are cancelling your service. The company claims to use this information to make improvements to their services.

The reason the support team has to chat or require you to call them is to help verify if the details outlined are correct and belong to the person who is calling. This is done in order to prevent the wrong account from being cancelled. It also helps to avoid any unnecessary problems, especially when moving from one provider to another. This chance allows the Sky customer service team to explain potential issues that may arise as a result of the cancellation or move. A good reason for chatting or calling is that it may help you to avoid cancellation fees.

The support team does not have to speak with you if you are terminating within thirty one days of your subscription package becoming operational, or if you are to switching over to a non-cable provider. Note that it is important that you don’t cancel your direct debit or any other ongoing payment arrangement as further payments may be due. If you have questions regarding final billing after cancellation, contact Sky directly.