Tips for Cancelling Amazon Items or Orders


If you have changed your mind about ordering an item (or items) from Amazon, you may be able to complete a cancellation request. It is important to act quickly if you wish to cancel, as cancellation will no longer be an option once an item has entered the processing and shipping system. If it is not too late, the following tips will help you to let Amazon customer service know that you wish to cancel and be refunded for your purchase.

If you wish to cancel online, the first step will be to click on ‘Your Account’ and then the ‘Your Orders’ links. After that, you can then click on ‘Cancel Items’ and make your selections. Check the check box next to each of the items that you wish to remove from that order. If you would rather cancel the entire order, simply select all of the items contained in that order. Click ‘Cancel’ after you have checked all of the items that you wish to cancel the order for.

If you wish to cancel by phone, call the Amazon contact number. You will need to identify yourself and provide information about the items you wish to cancel. If you have access to the order information, having the item numbers handy could be helpful. Calling in to cancel may take longer than cancelling online, but if you are not near a computer or need assistance with the process, phoning in may be the best option for avoiding the need to return items that you do not want.

After a cancellation has been completed either online or by phone, you will be sent a confirmation message to the e-mail address that is linked to your Amazon account. It is also possible to confirm that the cancellation has been officially completed by visiting the ‘Your Order’ area of the website. In that area, you will see a special section just for cancelled orders. If your cancellation went through, you will then see the order or items listed in that area. If you do not, contact Amazon as soon as possible.

If you were unable to cancel because the order or items had already shipped, there is an option for avoiding any hassle with returns. When the package arrives, you can refuse the shipment. This will cause it to be returned to the returns center right away. Amazon contact is necessary if you choose to do this, so that they will know to expect the package back and to issue a refund once it is returned. For items purchases from third-party sellers, you will need to contact the seller directly to request a cancellation. It will be up to the seller to approve or deny the request.