Three Service Plans: What Are My Payment Options?


Whether you choose to be billed monthly as part of a service plan, or choose to prepay for your Three service, you’ll want to know what your payment options are. Three actually makes it very easy for their customers to pay for service, and does accept payments at various locations throughout the United Kingdom. The following information is a breakdown of each of the available options for bill payment.

The most popular way to pay for Three service is online. Regardless of the type of service you subscribe to, you can make payments online by logging into your account. There is no cost associated with creating an account, and you can choose to save a payment method to use each month, or to use for automated payments. If you need help with signing up for automated payments, or need help with managing your account, contact Three customer service.

Vouchers can be purchased at Three stores and participating retail outlets. Vouchers can be added to your account either online or by calling Three. Vouchers of between £10 to £50 can be purchased at this time. These amounts can either cover the full amount owed, or be used to make a partial payment that will be completed using a different payment method. All vouchers contain a 16-digit number, and you will need to enter the number correctly to apply the credit.

Topping up can be done from any Barclays or HSBC cash machine. This can be done when using a card from Barclays, HSBC, Nationwide, The Coventry, Yorkshire, or Clydesdale. To add funds from a cash machine, you will need to enter your telephone number and then select the amount that you wish to top-up with. This method adds money to your Pay As You Go account, with the funds coming straight from your bank account.

Last but not least, Three customers are free to call in to make a payment. Customer service agents can use the payment method that you provide to complete the payment process via phone. Phone payments can be made for either prepaid or standard billing accounts. Three does not charge any fees for payments accepted via phone, nor are there fees charged for making payments via any other payment method (charges from your own bank could apply).

With many payments to choose from, Three makes it very easy for their customers to pay for service. Online payments tend to be the easiest to submit, and phone payments are easy as well. A bit more effort is required to go out to buy a voucher or pay at a cash machine, but these are valid options to use when the need arises. Should you need help with making a payment, contact Three customer service.