Three: 0870 280 2383

Call the Three contact number to speak to the Three customer service team about your pay monthly, pay as you go mobile phone or your Three mobile broadband account. The Three customer service number is open during the hours of 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. Lost and stolen device reports are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Three Contact Number
0870 280 2383

Useful Three Contact Numbers:

DepartmentContact Number
Three Customer Services0333 338 1001
Three Sales Enquiries07782 333 333
Three Mobile Broadband0333 338 1003
Contact Three From Abroad+44 7782 333 333

Three Customer Service Opening Times:

Monday to Friday8:00am-8:00pm

Contact Three By Post:

Three Customer Service Address:
Three Customer Services
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

Three offers a variety of modern devices, such as smartphone and tablets, along with connection services for these devices. By way of its own network infrastructure, the company is able to offer 3G and 4G services, and was the first to offer a commercial video mobile network in the United Kingdom. Three offers all of their products and services on their website ( but also manages retail store locations as well. As one of the larger mobile service providers in the UK, the Three customer service department is largely in demand and made available to both customers and prospective customers alike.

The Three contact number can be used to connect directly with a member of the support team. There are many reasons as to why one might want to contact Three, such as to ask questions about specific products or subscription services. Those who already own a phone or tablet and simply wish to connect to the Three network can ask an customer service agent about how to request a SIM card for connection. It is actually quite easy to change from one service provider to Three and a device purchase is not required. Any member of the Three customer services department can help you to make the switch with no service downtime.

The Three website and retail stores offer a variety of popular devices, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and more. In addition to smartphones, tablets such as the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy and more are offered. For qualified buyers, these devices can be purchased and paid for via monthly payments. Contact Three customer services at 0870 280 2383 to see if you qualify for a monthly payment plan on your preferred device. An agent will ask for some personal information and then inform you immediately of whether or not you qualify and what (if any) finance limit applies to purchases made in-store or on the website.

History of Three

Three was founded in March of 2003 and by the following year had met their regulatory requirement of 80% coverage for the United Kingdom population. Three’s very first retail stores (titled: 3Store) also opened in 2003, both of which were located in London. By 2005, the company was opening additional retail locations, many of which were located in larger shopping malls throughout the UK. Further retail expansion took place when the company purchased a total of 95 high street shops from O2 and The Link in 2006.

Three was actually the fourth network to offer the iPhone in 2010, following on the heels of O2, Orange and Vodafone. Even so, in 2009 and 2010, the company was voted Best Network for Mobile Broadband (according to a YouGov survey). In conjunction with other UK networks, Three maintains a roaming agreement with a 2G network operator. O2 was the partnered operator until 2006, at which time Orange took over that role. Today, the 2G fallback coverage provided by Orange plays only a small role, as 3G and 4G are widely made available.

In 2007, T-Mobile and Three teamed up to offer Mobile Broadband Network Limited (MBNL), a combining of the 3G networks of both companies. This combination would ensure that nearly all of the UK population would be located in a coverage area by 2008. Three began their rollout of 4G LTE services in 2013, offering coverage to a limited number of areas initially, before starting to expand the coverage area the following year. More recently, parent company Hutchison Whampoa acquired the UK operations of O2 in 2015.

How to Contact Three

Three customer service can be reached by dialing 0870 280 2383 from any landline or mobile phone. Customer service agents are standing by to help with any number of issues. Account holders are able to make some changes by logging in online and making use of the account management tools. However, some changes and problems will need to be dealt with by speaking with an agent by using the Three contact number. Some of the more popular reasons for 3 Mobile contact include:

  • Product Questions
  • Service Questions
  • Order Shipment Tracking
  • Upgrading Devices
  • Starting or Cancelling Service
  • Billing Questions
  • Report Lost or Stolen Devices
  • Device Support
  • Submitting Complaints

The general hours for Three phone support are:

8am – 8pm Monday to Friday
9am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday
*Lost and stolen device reports are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Three website does offer a help section that is sorted by support topics. In order to make use of this self-help area, visitors will need to make an initial selection and then proceed to make additional selections in order to access pertinent information. For device help, it will be necessary to select the exact device that you are inquiring about. Once this is done, additional links will be provided for specific help topics, such as setting up the device, transferring information, connecting to the internet and more. Product manuals are available online, and can be requested by calling the Three contact number on 0870 280 2383.

Standard post is a contact option, and mail can be sent to the following address:

Three Customer Services
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

When sending communications by way of post, Three asks that you include your name, date of birth and postcode in the letter. Also included should be contact number details for how you’d like to receive a response from Three customer service. The information you provide will allow the support representative to locate you in the system, which will help them to address your query more quickly. Three asks that those who write in allow 7-10 days for receiving a response. Clearly, this is the slowest Three contact method available, but for some, it is a viable option for reaching out to the company.

Emails can be submitted from the “Contact Us” area of the Three website. This is the second slowest of the contact methods, as the company makes it known that responses can take up to five business days from the time the email was received. To send an email, an online form will need to be completed. This form asks for some personal details, as well as details about your reason for contact. Emails can be sent directly to: However, the company asks that you reference the online form before sending an email, and include all of the same information that is requested on that form. For a much faster response, call the Three contact to get straight through to a customer services agent.

Three does maintain a strong presence on social media. Three customer service representatives do respond to questions and comments posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. On Twitter, comments and questions can be sent to: @Threeuksupport. The company routinely posts videos on YouTube, can be found on Instagram, and also operates their own blog as a way of providing information about new products and services. Personal account questions are best answered via a more private contact method, such as telephone, but customers can use social media to ask questions about devices, services, special deals, and more.

Three Product Options and Purchasing

Three is well-known for offering a wide variety of smartphone, but the company does offer other products such as tablets, mobile Wi-Fi devices, dongles, and SIM cards. When shopping online, all of the current product offerings can be viewed, along with details about each. Special deals are routinely posted on the homepage. Calling 3 mobile customer service at 0870 280 2383 is another way to learn about current deals and any current special offers. Contracts may be required with some specials, and the Three customer service agent that you speak with can provide details about the terms and conditions associated with specials.

Pricing information is subject to change, but the Three website will always reflect the most current rates. If monthly payments are an option for a certain product, the required upfront payment amount and monthly payment amount will both be shown. It is possible to compare more than one device on the same page. Service plan options can be viewed by clicking on specific devices and scrolling down. If a contract is required, the required time period will be shown along with the service options. Typically, a contract is required on all monthly service plans, but not Pay As You Go plans.

Each product category page on the website allows visitors to sort through products according to their needs and wishes. For example, the mobile phones page will allow you to sort devices by brand, operating system, connectivity, upfront cost, monthly cost, and special deals. Additional options allow for sorting the entire range of products by cost (low to high, high to low, etc.), recommended, and more. Current customers will be able to log in and view their current contract information in order to determine if it is time for an upgrade. Upgrades are only relevant to customers who are on monthly plans that have a contract time period. Typically, free and reduced price upgrades are only offered at the end of the contract period. Call 0870 280 2383 if you wish to know when your current contract expires.

Three Product Delivery Tracking and Returns

Any item that is purchased from the company website will be shipped out with a tracking number. This number can be used to view the shipment status of the device(s) you have ordered. If a problem is noted, or an item becomes lost in transit, contact Three as soon as possible. A refund or replacement may be necessary if your order does not arrive, or arrives in poor condition. To view order information, log into your account at any time. Within the account area, information about order processing will be viewable. A receipt will be delivered via email, but can also be printed from within the account area.

If an item that you have received needs to be returned, call the Three contact number 0870 280 2383 to make arrangements for the return. Prior to returning a defective device, you may be asked to troubleshoot the problem with a Three customer service agent. Taking the device into a store location for repairs may also be an option for some. It is possible to locate the store location nearest you by entering your post code in the store search area of the Three website. Devices that are covered by a warranty may be repaired or replaced at no charge. Contact Three support for information about warranties and the correct steps for device repairs or replacement.

Paying for Three Products and Service

There are two options for paying for service, the first of which is paying monthly payments. These payments may be for both a device and service, or service only if you already have a device and Three SIM. A credit check is performed for all payment purchases and monthly service plans. Only those who are able to pass the credit check will be able to pay monthly. Call 0870 280 2383 if you would like to see whether or not you qualify to purchase products and/or services and pay for them on a month to month basis. For those who do not qualify, the Pay As You Go option is available.

Monthly billing rates are made known upfront and will need to be agreed upon by the customer. In the case of monthly plans that have limits, such as a limited amount of calling minutes, texts, or data, the cost can increase whenever these limits are exceeded. It is possible to monitor usage via the device, or by contacting Three support. The support department will also need to be contacted if you have questions about any charges appearing on your bill. Errant charges are possible at times, and adjustments may be made by the support staff if an error is detected.

If you are a monthly plan customer and wish to update your payment method, dial 0870 280 2383. Payment methods can also be saved and modified online after logging into your account. Bill payments can be made online and automated billing is an option for those who wish to pay their bill each month without having to log in or call Three support to do so. This option can be turned on or off as you wish. Bill payments are accepted by phone using any accepted credit or debit card. Those who receive paper billing statements can mail in payment, but the fastest payment processing comes from paying a bill online or by phone.

Pay As You Go is a pre-paid option that allows for paying only for service that is used. Customers can add funds to their account and then have money deducted based on current rates for the services used and the exact amount of time that the service is used. Account funds can be added by way of a My3 account, at participating cashpoints, or by calling 0870 280 2383. At this time, the usage rates are: 3p a minute, 2p a text and 1p a MB of data. However, these are subject to change. The rates at the time that funds are added to an account are locked in until all funds have been used up. Contact Three or go online to view the most current rates.

For mobile phone users, usage tracking and current balance can be viewed either online or by viewing the usage information from the device. It is not a requirement that Pay As You Go users top up their accounts before their current balance is completely exhausted. However, doing so will ensure uninterrupted service. It may be possible to switch from pre-paid service to monthly billing, but this change will require the aforementioned credit check. Use the 3 Mobile contact information provided here to speak with an agent who can provide assistance with changing account types.

SIM card connection service is offered to both monthly billing and Pay As You Go customers. For Pay As You Go customers, service is offered by way of a one month contract. For monthly billing users, 12-month contracts are offered. The use of one of these cards will allow you to connect to the Three network, while continuing to use a device that you already own and wish to carry on with using. At this time SIM cards are being offered for free. Call 0870 280 2383 if you would like to have a SIM card sent to you. SIM cards are available for a wide variety of mobile phones and tablets.

Three Service Problem Reporting

For connection problems, there is a way to check the network status online before calling 0870 280 2383 to speak with Three customer service. From the company website, the “Check Coverage & Network Status” link can be clicked upon, which will transport you to a page that provides detailed information about coverage areas and any outages. If there are no noticeable problems, the next step will be to reach out to Three support for help. An agent can help troubleshoot the problem, and many times, the problem can be solved in one phone call. If the problem is device related, instructions will be provided for what to do next.

Unfortunately, one of the most common problems of all is not related to connection, but instead lost or stolen devices. Those who have purchased the insurance cover offered by Three may be able to have their lost or stolen device replaced at no charge. Even if you have not opted to pay for insurance, it is important to submit a report by calling Three number 0870 280 2383. Service to the device can be suspended temporarily while you attempt to locate the device, or permanently if it has been stolen or cannot be found.

Three for Business

The same types of products and services utilized by individual users are also available for business use. Financing and monthly payments for devices is a possibility for qualified buyers. Services and devices are made available for businesses of all sizes. Three customer service number 0870 280 2383 can be used to contact someone in the sales department who can provide pricing information for business services. Calls are accepted Monday – Friday during the hours of 09:00 – 17:30. Sales related contact can also be initiated by completing and submitting the online form found in the business area of the company website. It can take a few days to receive a response when using this Three contact method. Opt for phone contact for a faster response.

Existing business customers can access Three support online or by phone. Online, a specific business support page is provided, and this page contains links to many of the most common help topics. Business accounts can be managed by logging in and proceeding to the account area. However, some changes may need to be completed with the help of Three support. Furthermore, billing questions should be directed to the support team. Often, business customers are assigned a specific account manager, and this person can help with purchasing, shipment, billing, and more.

Wholesale enquiries are welcomed from those who wish to market devices by way of their own retail businesses. Some service connect opportunities are available as well. The opportunities and prices are specific to the business, therefore it is best to call 0870 280 2383 in order to discuss wholesale purchases with a member of the business team. When calling, be prepared to provide some basic information about your business and the types of products and/or services that you would like to market.

Three Business Timeline

2003 – Three mobile service was founded and launched

2003 – First two retail store locations open in London

2004 – Three meets regulatory requirement of 80% population coverage (UK)

2005 – Additional retail store locations are opened in the UK

2006 – Three purchases 95 high street shops from companies O2 and The Link

2006 – Orange is selected as new roaming partner, replacing O2

2007 – Launches Mobile Broadband Network Limited (MBNL) with T-Mobile

2009/10 – Voted Best Network for Mobile Broadband

2010 – Launches iPhone

2013 – Begins limited rollout of 4G LTE services

2014 – Introduction of the inTouch app

2015 – Parent company Hutchison Whampoa acquires O2