The Three Main Types of eBay Selling Fees


Those who choose to sell their goods or services on eBay are provided with the opportunity to advertise to a huge audience. In exchange for this, eBay is compensated by collecting fees from sellers. These fees can vary, based upon factors such as the type of item being sold, the amount it sells for, and more. The following information will tell you exactly what to expect with regards to the fees that you might encounter when attempting to sell your items on the site.

Insertion Fees

These are the fees that are charged for creating a listing on the site. As such, some refer to these as ‘listing fees’ rather than insertion fees. All sellers are provided with a number of free listings each month, but the exact number is based upon the type of seller account that one has. Actual insertion fees are based upon the type of listing, listing duration, category, starting price, reserve price (if any), and more. A complete breakdown can be view on the eBay website.

Final Value Fees

These fees are based solely on the final sales value of the item. These costs do include any shipping and handling that the seller charges the buyer. A final value fee is still charged even if there was no insertion fee. If the item is not bid on, or does not sell when offered at a set price, this fee does not apply. The most common final value fee charged by eBay is around 10%, but you can see a complete and more detailed list on the website.

Other Fees

Other miscellaneous fees such as bold title test, subtitles, longer auction or listing periods, and listings in secondary categories can apply. These types of fees are optional, and can be avoided by simply opting not to make use of any of these extras. Every listing provides you with an opportunity to review the fees that are being charged, and while some are unavoidable, you can edit your listing to remove extra costs for listing enhancements.

There is a cost to sell on eBay, and there is no way around that fact. eBay runs a business and fees are how they make money. Sellers, who will of course need to be mindful of these charges, will want to know exactly what the costs are. eBay does an excellent job of making sure that sellers are educated about the costs of selling, and a complete fee structure can be accessed online or by calling eBay customer service.