TfL: 0870 218 3622

By calling the TfL contact number shown here, callers will be connected to TfL customer service and agents who can assist with travel services, travel information, ticket purchasing, refunds, lost property, Oyster cards, and more. The TfL phone number is a 24/7 support line that is available throughout the year.

TfL Contact Number
0870 218 3622

Transport for London (TFL) is a UK-based government body that operates and manages most of the public transport services found in London. This includes train lines, bus services, transport by river, roadways, and taxis. Providing information on a wide variety of travel solutions in London, Transport for London is the organisation to turn to when you have questions or need information regarding travel. To contact them now, call the TfL contact number listed here.

TfL: 0870 280 5576

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5576
Make A Complaint0343 222 1234
International Number+44 343 222 1234

TfL Customer Service

Transport for London is committed to delivering a high-quality support to everyone, and they do welcome your comments and even TfL complaints. As such a large organization that handles an extensive number of services, there are a variety of different matters that you may want to speak to them about.

Reasons to call the TfL contact number:

  • To determine if any service delays are taking place.
  • To request information regarding planned repairs.
  • To learn more about fares.
  • To request a refund.
  • To ask about replacement services.
  • To learn more about congestion charges.
  • To ask about or purchase an Oyster card.

Both residents and visitors alike can request travel information and trip planning 24-hours a day, 365 days a year by calling the TfL number. However, live agents in some departments are not available around the clock, with TfL contact being limited to business hours. Through the automated line, callers can acquire lots of information regarding all that Transport for London is responsible for. This includes road enquiries, the London Underground, and misplaced property left on public transport. This also includes Thames River Services and the Docklands Light Railway.

In most cases, individuals can contact TfL between 8am and 8pm, but this does depend on the type of enquiry. Contact is also available on social media, where you can follow Transport for London on Twitter or like their Facebook page. Email is not an option at this time, but standard mail is. If you would like to send correspondence via post, the address is as follows: TfL Customer Services, 4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk, London, SE10 0ES. The TfL website is another resource to consider if you need information and would like to search for it online before placing a call.

Transport for London Services

Transport for London is a massive organisation with an extensive and elaborate field of duties. They are in charge of protecting and controlling all the transportation networks within the city of London and other nearby areas. To find out exactly which areas are served by Transport for London, call the TfL phone number that is shown here and speak with a live agent. The nature of TfL customer service needs vary a great deal from caller to caller.

Common requests for information include:

-TfL Complaints: Call to make a new complaint or to check on the status of an existing complaint.

-Travel Fares: Call to submit payments or to figure out how much you will need to pay. Payments can be made via Oyster cards (photocards are included) or by way of payment cards.

-Travel Services: TfL contact can be used to get details about the London Tube, Buses, Docklands Light Railway, Trains, Trams, TfL Rail, Transport access, Santander Cycles, Taxis, Emirates Air Line, Dial-a-Ride, and more.

-Lost Property: Report property that was lost while travelling on any of the aforementioned transport services.

-Roads: Call the Transport for London contact number to request information or assistance with problems or matters related to roads such as congestion fees, low emission zones, riding a bike, cargo, walking, motor coach buses, and more.

Oyster Card Information

In order to purchase or activate an Oyster Card, you will need to visit a tube or rail station that issues them. There is also the option to visit a ticket shop. A registration form will need to be requested. Unfortunately, this cannot be downloaded, but you can contact TfL customer service to request one. A completed form will need to be turned in with your card. Once the registration is complete, the Oyster Card will be secured against theft and loss.

Congestion Charges

The price of the Congestion Charge differs, based upon when you actually pay it. If you submit payment before midnight on the same day that you will be travelling within the local area, the cost is £10. If you submit payment by midnight the following after travelling, the charge increases to £12. It is possible to utilize an automated payment system (Congestion Charging Auto Pay). Call the TfL number shown here to learn more about these charges.