Tesco Mobile: 0870 218 5067

Dial the Tesco Mobile contact number to speak with a live Tesco Mobile customer service agent. Help is available for product information, purchases, online accounts, billing, returns & refunds, service and device problems, lost or stolen devices, and other mobile service related matters. Call the Tesco Mobile phone number Monday to Friday from 8am and 9pm, Saturday from 8am to 8pm, or Sunday from 10am to 6pm. 

Tesco Mobile Contact Number
0870 218 5067

The largest virtual mobile operator within the UK, Tesco Mobile covers 99% of the country, rivaling their competitor O2. They currently have more than 4 million customers and are part of the well-known Tesco supermarket chain which is a multinational retailer with the second largest revenue in the world. Tesco was founded in 1919 and there are now branches in more than 2500 locations throughout the United Kingdom, from city center branches to those located on village high streets. Those who need to reach this company can call the Tesco Mobile contact number as shown here.

Tesco Mobile: 0870 280 5530

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5530
Make A Complaint0345 301 4455
International Number+44 345 301 4455

Tesco Mobile Customer Service

Any queries about orders, returns policies, replacements, refunds, faults or technical problems should be addressed to the customer care department who can be contacted via the Tesco Mobile contact helpline. The team can be contacted on weekdays between 8 am and 9 pm as well as on Saturdays between 8 am and 8 pm and on Sundays between 10 am and 6 pm. This helpline can also give helpful advice about activating mobile phones and guidelines about how to use them abroad.

By calling the Tesco Mobile phone, it is possible to address issues like:

  • Bill payments and queries
  • Swapping payment plans or tariffs
  • Setting up direct debits
  • Upgrading handsets
  • Adding a 4G service to an existing tariff
  • Reporting network signal problems
  • Reporting handset technical faults

Customers can also contact Tesco Mobile on social media. Agents do respond to messages on Facebook and messages sent to @tescomobilecare on Twitter. Email contact is an option from the website. A contact form is provided once you select the type of customer that you are and the topic that you wish to discuss. Device guides and other information is made available on the Tesco website for those who wish to explore self-help options prior to calling the contact number.

Service Plan Options

Tesco Mobile contact can be used to connect with customer service representatives who can advise about the various payment plans and handsets that are available. There are a variety of monthly payment plans and pay as you go services available as well as handsets which can be purchased on their own without a contract. Many of their contract deals include a handset at either little or no cost. 4G is also available from Tesco Mobile, and some of their plans include this feature at no added cost.

Account Management

Both new and existing customers are able to make payments online by telephoning the Tesco Mobile customer service number. The call center teams are able to assist with making new orders or tracking shipped orders as well as offering information about network coverage and data availability. This number should also be used to report any lost or stolen handsets in order to allow the handset to be blocked. Free SIM cards will be shipped to anyone whose phone has been lost or stolen.

Customers can upgrade their phone or take out a family phone service plan through Tesco Mobile. They can also contact the customer support team to enquire about special pricing, costs of upgrades and even capping of monthly spending allowances so that spending can be limited while allowing for some flexibility. Should an existing phone plan no longer meet a customer’s needs, it is possible to change plans part way through a contact by speaking to the customer support team. Ring the Tesco Mobile number to discuss individual customer’s requirements, determine plan availability and help the customer to choose the best possible plan for you.

Phone Insurance

If customers are on a monthly contract, they can take advantage of an insurance plan to protect their device from accidental damage, malicious damage, water damage, theft or loss, regardless of where they are in the world. It is also possible to add on the Tesco Phone Recovery Service which enables contract holders to remotely lock their phone or sound a siren if they believe it has been stolen or lost. It is also possible, using this feature, to block the use of the phone even if a different SIM card is put into it. To make an insurance claim or purchase coverage, phone Tesco Mobile customer care.

Reporting Problems

Tesco Mobile will repair faulty mobile handsets that are returned to them. The customer must execute this return via the Post Office and ensure that they obtain a proof of posting. Once Tesco have received the returned handset, they will send it to one of the accredited repair sites where it will be examined by a qualified technician. Repaired handsets will then be returned to the owner within 7 to 10 working days. Before sending a handset in the post, however, it is important to call the Tesco Mobile phone number to discuss the fault with an adviser as the problem may be a minor issue such as a faulty SIM card or a network signal problem.

If you have lost your mobile, or suspect that it has been stolen, you should immediately telephone Tesco Mobile customer services. The helpful team will be able to block both the handset itself and its SIM card so that it cannot be accessed by anyone else. The adviser will then be able to transfer your data to a different card which will be sent to your home within three to five days.