Tesco Loans: 0870 218 5087

By dialing the Tesco Loans contact number listed here, current and prospective borrowers can connect speak with a loan specialist. Tesco Loans customer service agents can provide information about loan options, interest rates, applications, loan payments, and more. The Tesco Loans phone number is live Monday to Friday from 8am-8pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm.

Tesco Loans Contact Number
0870 218 5087

Tesco Loans is a company that offers personal loans as part of Tesco Bank. New customers should call the Tesco Loans telephone number if they need information regarding the taking out of new personal loans. The company will go through how much can be borrowed and how much needs to be repaid. New customers can find out if there are incentives for taking out a loan such as lower interest rates or bonus Clubcard points. Existing customers should contact Tesco Loans customer services if they need help with the personal loans they are paying back.

Tesco Loans: 0870 280 6599

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6599
Apply For A Loan0345 600 6016
Make A Complaint0345 600 6016
International Number+44 345 600 6016

Customer Service

Tesco Loans customer services may be contacted by existing customers who have a query about their account or who want to make an extra payment towards their loan. New customers may want to find out how to apply for a loan and what information they need to supply. If an application has already been made then a customer may want to know the status of the application. Customer services can be contacted via post or email but they most convenient way to get a question answered quickly is to contact them by calling the Tesco Loans contact number.

Products & Services

A personal loan from Tesco Bank can be used for any purpose and the amount that can be borrowed varied from £1000 to £35000. The interest rates on these loans will vary depending on the personal circumstances of the person that is applying for the loan and the amount that is borrowed. Loans are only available to Clubcard customers but applying for a Clubcard is free of charge and can be completed online. Tesco Loan customer service can be contacted by anyone that has any questions about the different types of loans that are available.

Loan Options

Loans are grouped together according to the amounts that they are for and there are certain conditions that apply to each of these groups. Applicants are advised to not borrow more than they can really need and to ensure that they can afford the repayments before making an application. Most loans come with fixed repayments so people are able to budget for the repayments with confidence that they won’t change. The rate of the loan will vary but the applicant will be informed of the rate that they will be charged before the loan agreement is signed. Customer services can go through all of the loan options with the applicant when they call the Tesco Loans phone number.

How To Apply

All loans that are offered by Tesco Bank can be applied for online. If an application is made in this way then the applicant will be given an instant decision. There is certain information that will need to be given when an application for a loan is made such as financial information including details of income and any other debt that is outstanding. Details of outgoings will also be needed as well as address information that goes back at least three years. For assistance, ring the Tesco Loans telephone number. Customer services will be able to answer any questions that the applicant has about the application process.

Problems & Complaints

The customer services team can provide a great deal of help to anyone that encounters any problems with the loan that they have. They will do whatever they can to address the problem and come up with a solution that the customer is happy with. They can offer advice about any action that needs to be taken and what the next steps are for the customer. If the customer service agent is not able to resolve the problem, then they can pass the details over to the relevant department. To submit a formal complaint, contact Tesco Loans.