Tesco Direct: 0870 218 1418

Calling the Tesco Direct contact number will place you in touch with Tesco Direct customer service. Advisers are on hand to provide assistance with completing purchases, shipping & delivery, product information, problems & complaints, and more. The Tesco Direct phone number is live Monday to Friday from 8am to 11pm, Saturday from 8am to 8pm, and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

Tesco Direct Contact Number
0870 280 5528

British multi-national grocery and retail chain, Tesco, has been around since 1984. The company was formally re-launched in 2004. These changes saw Tesco re-branding their website to Tesco Direct, which has since grown in product offerings to serve a large customer base. If you want to learn more about the company and what they offer, Tesco Direct contact is encouraged. The customer service department is available to answer questions about products and services, as well as to help with problem-solving.

Tesco Direct: 0870 280 5528

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5528
Clubcard Customer Service0800 591 688
Clubcard Boost0808 100 0707
Technical Support0800 323 4060
Mobile Phones0345 301 4455
Make A Complaint01992 632222
International Number+44 199 263 2222

Tesco Direct Customer Services

The Tesco Direct phone number is publicly available for customers who want to call and make enquiries. A team of customer service agents will gladly assist customers with their questions. The customer service phone lines are open for business from 8am-11pm on Monday till Friday. On Saturday, they are available from 8am till 8pm. On Sundays, they remain open from 10am till 6pm.  If you’re facing an issue that is not so serious, you could send them an email through their dedicated customer service portal on their website. You could also live chat or use social media (Twitter, Facebook, and more) to interact with any one of their customer service agents.

You might want to contact Tesco Direct under the following situations:

  • When you want to learn about their products
  • Information about their stores, prices and promotions
  • When you want to inquire about their gift cards or Tesco-branded gift cards
  • When you’re seeking answers to a general inquiry
  • When you want to give feedback

Products & Services

There are all kinds of products offered on the Tesco Direct website. Some of the product offerings include jewelry and clothing, party and gift items, electronics, home and gardening items, car parts, toys, baby items, sports gear, health and beauty products and many more. In addition to this, Tesco runs a separate grocery outlet that supplies groceries to UK homes. You can arrange with any one of their networks to have your groceries delivered at a time that suits you. Tesco Direct also rewards Club Card points for every purchase. If you choose to have products delivered to your home, you’ll pay a small fee. However, there’s always the option of collecting your order from any one of their stores.

Of course it’s advantageous to shop from Tesco Direct and having products delivered instead of walking directly into one of their outlets. The reason being, you’ll have a great exposure to a vast array of products they sell. What is more, the company has teamed up with partners who use the same platform to satisfy consumer needs. This means you will have everything of what you’re looking for. If you want to be part of Tesco’s great network to sell to customers, call the Tesco Direct number shown here.

Reporting Tesco Direct Complaints

In the event that you receive a damaged item, you can return it to Tesco for replacement. Most products are covered by a one-year guarantee. If not, you can call Tesco Direct customer services to arrange for a refund. Complaints might also arise from delayed deliveries. Most of these cases are beyond Tesco’s control. When there is a problem, you should receive an email or text informing you of the delay in advance. You can also view direct orders by logging into your Tesco Direct account and choosing a specific order to learn more.

Returns & Refunds

If you received a damaged or faulty product, you can phone the Tesco Direct contact number to have the problem resolved. If you do decide to seek a replacement or a refund, you will be required to do so within 30 days. If your return involves a small product, the item can be taken to the Tesco Direct desk in any local retail store for a replacement, provided you have a receipt or proof of purchase. If the product was sent by courier, you can contact Tesco Direct customer service number to arrange for collection of the product.  Finally, books, entertainment items and other products delivered by post can only be returned by post. You should have a free return label included in your order.

Order Cancellation

Home delivery orders can be cancelled within 15 minutes of placing them. Any other order can be cancelled as long as the product has not been sent to processing for shipping. The steps of canceling an order are as follows: Log into your account and click ‘View Order’. You will then be presented with a page that gives you an option to cancel your order. The next page has instructions that are self-explanatory. If you get stuck along the way, contact Tesco Direct by phone to request assistance.