Tax Rebate: 0870 280 0483

Dial the Tax Rebate contact number to talk to the HMRC Tax Rebate helpline to speak to a representative about claiming tax rebates or to follow up on a recent tax rebate you have requested. The Tax Rebate phone number is open between 8:00am and 8:00pm Monday to Fridays and between 8:00am and 4:00pm on Saturdays.

Tax Rebate Contact Number
0870 280 0483

Several situations may qualify you to receive a tax refund in the United Kingdom. Maybe you are no longer working or have purchased a life annuity. Maybe you are employed, and there have been too many tax deductions from your pay. Possibly, you could have paid many taxes on pension payments or have sent in tax returns and paid excess taxes. Whatever the reason may be, if you are due a rebate or suspect that you might be and need more information, the tax rebate number shown here can be used to call for help.

Rebates for the Employed

If there were excess tax deductions from your pay, you could claim a refund. How do you do this? When reclaiming tax for the present tax year, you ought to check whether your tax code is incorrect. In case you establish something is wrong, you need to inform HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by calling the tax rebate phone number. If HMRC correct your tax code, and you qualify for a refund, your employer ought to award you a refund in your pay.

In case you are reclaiming tax for a past tax year, you need to confirm that you have paid the appropriate tax amount after the tax year ends. If HMRC becomes aware that you have paid excess tax, they then post you a P800 Tax Calculation, usually by the end of July. You then typically receive a cheque, referred to as ‘payable order’. HMRC does this in 14-days after getting the P800. You can make claims to HMRC for any of the past tax years if you feel that you have paid excess tax. The same applies if you have not had a P800 or require a rebate soon.

Self-Employment Rebates

If you paid excess tax because you altered your tax returns after filing or input the wrong amount when paying your self-assessment bill, you could claim a refund. The same applies if you ceased being self-employed and had payments on accounts. The method you use to claim is subject to how you completed your Self-Assessment tax returns.

Online – All you need to do is log into your HMRC online account and go to the Self-Assessment overview. You then need to click on ‘request a payment’ and then adhere to the instructions to ask for a repayment.

Paper – If you added your bank details in the Self-Assessment, your tax refund is paid direct into your bank account. In case you did not do this, you can write to the HMRC or call them to give reasons you think you have overpaid or call the phone number for tax rebate.

Rebates for the Unemployed

If you have stopped working due to redundancy and have overpaid tax, you can call the tax rebate contact number to see if you are due a refund. In case you stopped working because you left your job voluntarily, you cannot get a tax rebate immediately if you are receiving a Carers or Jobseekers allowance. The same goes if you are getting employment and support allowances and also when you have been accepting incapacity benefits for over 28 weeks.

When you have overpaid tax, you can give the Jobcentre Plus sections 2 and 3 of your P45 to receive a refund. It can happen when you begin a new job or at the close of the tax year. It is necessary to know you cannot claim a refund when you have been out of work for less than four weeks and are due for a refund. Instead, you receive one through the wages from the new job.

Pension Information

When you have a private pension, the provider can pay you back automatically in case you pay excess taxes on the pension. In situations where the pension provider fails to pay you automatically back, HMRC posts you a P800 tax calculation before the end of July. In case you have gone into retirement and only receive State pension, you need to complete the form P50. You can also have paid excess tax if you have taken some tax-free lump sum or cash from a defined benefit or contribution scheme. Pensions can cause confusion, so do call the tax rebate number if you need help.

Annuity Information

If you have overpaid tax on the income from a life annuity you have purchased, you can claim a refund. Tax on life annuity payments is paid automatically at a 20% rate. However, if you do not have to pay Income Tax since you do not earn more than your personal allowance, you can reclaim the overpaid tax. You can also request to receive income that is tax-free from your life annuity and should ring the tax rebate number if your request is not being granted.

Tax payers ought to claim within four years of the close of the tax year you were making claims for. HMRC usually sends repayments in 5 weeks though it can sometimes take long. Wait for five weeks after you make an online claim and six weeks after you make a postal claim before you contact HMRC about payments. Tax rebate contact is advised if you have questions or need assistance.