Staffline: 0870 218 1172

Individuals should call the Staffline contact number if they need information regarding employment opportunities. Individuals should also contact Staffline customer service if they need help with staffing their company with skilled workers for a short period of time. Staffline’s goal is to develop the most reliable workforce in the country. Call the Staffline phone number Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 5:30pm.

Staffline Contact Number
0870 218 1172

Staffline is staffing agency that offers temporary workers to companies. The company was founded in 1986. Over time, it has slowly grown into a network of more than 450 locations that specializes in e-tail, manufacturing, and logistics. Staffline also specializes in food processing, driving, and white-collar recruitment. This company provides and manages skilled work forces exceptionally well. Staffline uses precise training and tactics to ensure that clients will see an increased rate of efficiency. Staffline also aims at solidifying its place as a leading creator of golden opportunities for people who in need of work.

Staffline: 0870 280 7141

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7141
Make A Complaint0115 950 0885
International Number+44 115 950 0885

Customer Service

Staffline is known worldwide to many as a company with a caring customer support team.There are many ways in which a customer can in get in contact with the company and their customer service team. There are several ways to get in contact with Staffline customer service including, but not limited to, email, calling the Staffline contact number, or simply even reaching out to them via social media. Members of the customer support team are very knowledgeable about the company and can help customers with almost any problem.

To contact the head offices by post, the following address may be used:

19 – 20 The Triangle
NG2 Business Park

To send an email to the company, general enquiries can be submitted to: In addition, a contact form is provided with the ‘Contact Us’ area of the website. This may also be used as a method of Staffline contact. Specific business hours are not provided for phone support, which means that calling the Staffline telephone number during regular business hours is the best plan for ensuring the opportunity to speak with live customer support personnel.

Products & Services

Staffline Group offers many different product and services to consumers around the world. The company gives employers the ability to recruit workers to their businesses via several different things such online postings about the job and recruiters that will hire people for their business. This is great for those just starting a business and need employees. Customers should also be assured that Staffline makes all possible candidates pass both drug testing and a background check. Staffline will also ensure that customers benefit from their services, by hiring those who show a huge interest in a particular work field.

Staffline Partnerships

Staffline is also commonly known for the several different group companies in which they partner with. The company works with several group companies including PeoplePlus, TechSearch, DrivingPlus, and several other companies. Customers should know that each group company is just as safe and reliable as Staffing group. The group works with these companies to create more jobs and get workers for customers businesses. Staffline also only chooses to work with companies that they know to be trustworthy like PeoplePlus. When Staffline chooses to use these companies it makes things better for their customers as they will then have double to even triple the chances of finding the right employees for their customers.

Employment Opportunities

Candidates of Staffline should know several different things about the company such as how the company runs and how they help business owners. Candidates can find tons of information on these subjects and several more like them by visiting the official company website. The website is full of resources for those thinking about joining the team. The resources on the website are sure to help those interested out, Candidates can find out more information by contacting Staffline customer service via phone, email, or on social media. This information is sure to help candidates to get the jobs that they would like as they have all of the resources at their fingertips.

Investment Opportunities

Investors are a very important part of the Staffline Group company as they help invest in new businesses and fund several things within the company. One thing in particular that investors help fund is the ability to find great employees for paying customers. Customers should also know that the investors within the company have a vision and mindset as to what they specifically donate. The investors typically invest in things that will help both customers and Staffline. This helps keep both the company and the customers happy. Customers are both investors and the Staffline group’s top priority. For more information, contact Staffline.