Southern Water: 0870 218 3534

The Southern Water contact number listed here can be called to connect with Southern Water customer service agents who can help with new service, moving home, accounts & billing, problems & emergencies, complaints, and more. The Southern Water phone number for automated services is a 24/7 line, while all other requests should be submitted from 8am–7pm, Monday to Friday and from 8.30am–2pm on Saturdays.

Southern Water Contact Number
0870 218 3534

Southern Water was formed out of the old Southern Water Board when the British government decided to deregulate the water supply sector in the late 1980’s. That deregulation of the water supply sector meant that all of the former water boards were free to seek out private investment in their efforts to improve the standards of water supplied and the cleaning up of sewage or other waste. Thus Southern Water along with all its counterparts from other within the UK became a private company tasked with upgrading as well as providing a vital public service. Today, the Southern Water contact number is put to use by thousands who receive water and waste services.

Southern Water: 0870 280 5577

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5577
Billing Enquiries0330 303 0277
Water Enquiries0330 303 0368
Report A Leak0800 8250 999
Emergencies0330 303 0368
Make A Complaint0330 303 0277
International Number+44 330 303 0277

Southern Water Customer Service

To report a leak or an emergency, call the Southern Water number as shown here. Calls that are related to these types of problems are accepted 24/7. Automated services are also available around the clock, but if you prefer to speak with a live agent, you will need to call the contact number between 8am and 7pm, Monday through Friday, or between 8.30am and 2pm on Saturdays. The business hours for water and wastewater enquiries are the same during the business week, but are 9am to 1pm on Saturday. A minicom telephone service is available for callers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Southern Water contact is also possible by way of email. To use this contact method, you will need to select from several online forms, complete the form, and then submit it for review by a customer service team member. On social media, the company is available to answer questions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Southern Water complaints should be submitted via the provided online form. This form does allow you to select a time to have someone in the support department phone you to discuss the problem that you are experiencing.

System and Services

Southern Water provides services to the whole of the South of England excluding Greater London. When the water industry was deregulated new companies would have to spend a great deal of money on achieving what they legally had to achieve. A large fraction of that money needed to be spent on replacing Victorian era infrastructure, which was in various states of disrepair. Southern Water had to finance improvements in the Southern region of England by attracting private investors, as well as through the water rates collected from its domestic and commercial customers.

The company has succeeded in providing cleaner and therefore safer water to all of its domestic and commercial customers. Since Southern Water came into operation, the United Kingdom government, often in conjunction with the European Union, has tightened environmental standards, meaning that further improvements have had to be funded as well. To learn more about the current status of the water system, including facts regarding drinking water safety levels, call the Southern Water phone number shown here.

New Service & Moving Home

Contact Southern Water if you are moving into the service area and wish to establish new service. The contact number shown here can also be used to call and setup and service transfer if you are moving home. There are online forms provided for those who wish to submit this information without placing a call. There are separate forms for those who need new service, wish to transfer service, or are moving and wish to disconnect their service without a transfer. If you are unsure of whether or not your new home is in the service area, call the Southern Water contact number.

Billing & Payments

Southern Water offers paperless billing, along with the option to receive a paper bill via post. Bills can be paid by mailing a cheque or by calling the Southern Water telephone number to make a payment over the phone. Direct debit is a payment option, and this can be setup online or by calling a customer service agent. Contact Southern Water to submit a meter reading to ask for help with reading your meter. Meter reading can be submitted online by completing the provided form and including the required usage numbers from your water meter.

Account Management

For now, customers will need to call the Southern Water phone number or make use of online forms in order to manage their account. E-services will be introduced in the future, and these will allow for online account management, but for the time being it is not an option. Contact Southern Water if you need to set up an account, make changes to your account details, notify the company of bereavement, request a bill, or submit a meter reading.