Solving Problems Related to Your Sky PIN Number


A Sky PIN number is required to do many things. It is required if you wish to access age restricted content, and will be needed if you wish to make purchases from within the Sky store. Want to purchase pay-per-view entertainment? Yes, you will need a PIN for that as well. Clearly, experiencing problems with your PIN can be frustrating, so we have put together a handy guide to solving an issue.

First things first – your Sky box must be connected to the internet in order to make changes to your PIN or to reset it. If you need help with connecting your box, call the Sky contact number and speak with someone in the customer service department. Any agent will be happy to provide you with the instructions for setting up your box correctly and getting it connected to the internet. Additionally, instructions are provided online on the Sky website.

If you have forgotten your PIN and want to reset it, you can use the interactive feature and your remote control to complete the task. Simply select ‘Interactive’ and then the link for reset. It will be necessary to verify that you are the account holder making the request, so be prepared to enter 4-digits that are related to the payment method that you have on file. If you opt to call Sky customer services to request a reset, you will still be asked to provide this information.

Resets can also be completed online or via the Sky app. To make the change online, sign into your Sky account. You will need to select the viewing card number for the specific box that you need a reset for. When using multiscreen services, each box will have its own PIN, so you may only need to make a change for one of them. After entering a new PIN number of your choosing, you will be asked to confirm and will need to select ‘Update’ to complete the change.

If you’re new to Sky services or don’t remember making a change to your PIN, your number is the last four digits of your viewing card number. If you don’t know what this is, contact Sky. You may also need to call for help if you have blocked your PIN number by entering the wrong number three times into the system. Three additional attempts are provided after waiting ten minutes, but if you do not want to wait, you can call the Sky contact number right away and ask for help.

It is not possible to completely turn off the need for a Sky PIN, but you can make changes to the settings. If there are no young viewers in your home, you can omit some of the tighter restrictions for viewing certain programming. If you have questions about these setting or need to speak with a live customer service agent to request help, call the Sky helpline.