Sky TV: 0870 280 6345

Call the Sky TV contact number to get in touch with the Sky TV customer service team to discuss anything related to your Sky TV package or if you are thinking about joining Sky TV. The Sky TV phone number is open to accept calls between 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week. The Sky TV helpline will get busier as the day goes on so call before 11am to avoid delays.

Sky TV Contact Number
0870 280 6345

Useful Sky TV Contact Numbers:

DepartmentPhone Number
Sky TV Contact Number0870 280 6345
Sky TV Problems0870 280 5595
Sky TV PIN0870 280 5651
Sky Viewing Card0870 280 6356
Sky TV Information0870 280 5664
Join or Upgrade Sky TV0870 280 5702
Cancel Sky TV0870 280 5624
Downgrade Sky TV0870 280 5680
Reschedule Sky TV Engineer0870 280 5661
Sky Store0870 280 5615

Sky TV offers an abundance of options for those who value home entertainment. Customers are free to order only a television subscription, or TV service along with other services, such as internet or home phone. If you are interested in saving money by bundling services, call the Sky contact number that you see here and speak with a representative. At this time, monthly rates for Sky TV start out at £20 and increase from there, based upon what is provided. Sky customer services are on hand to answer any questions that prospective customers may have, as well as to provide assistance to current customers.

Sky Television Service Bundles

There are currently six different television service bundles to choose from. Dial the Sky contact number shown here to learn more about each, or to upgrade or switch your existing bundle to a different one. Each bundle offers a different rate, with service packages that offer the fewest channels costing least. A Sky customer services agent can assist you with selecting a bundle that meets both your needs and your budget requirements.

The current lineup of Sky TV bundles includes:

Original Bundle: With this option, subscribers will receive over 30 channels. Included are some of the more popular basics, such as Sky Atlantic, FOX, and Sky1. With this bundle, subscribers will be able to record programming, as well as to pause and rewind on-air programs. The Sky Go app is included, and does allow for viewing programs from mobile devices. A number of free-to-air channels are included in this low-cost bundle.

Variety Bundle: Those who choose this bundle will receive over 65 different channels, along with the aforementioned Sky Go app for mobile viewing. Also included is Kids TV, which offers instant access to thousands of children’s programs each month. Call the Sky helpline if you would like to learn more about viewing options for children. The Variety bundle is a suitable option for adults who want their own entertainment, but also desire access to lots of children’s programs as well.

Family Bundle: There are over 50 high-definition channels offered with this option, along with 3-D programming. Also provided are 300+ box sets and “Catch Up TV”, a service which ensures that you never have to miss your favorite programs. As the name indicates, this option is suitable for families, as well as adults without children who enjoy family oriented programming. The Sky telephone number shown here can be used to order this bundle, or to ask questions about this lower priced viewing option.

Sky Movies: This subscription option is designed specifically for movie fans. As such, includes more than one-thousand on demand movies. Some of the movies that are shown are provided to Sky customers a full year before they appear elsewhere. There are new movies added to the television schedule each week. For children, the Disney movies channel is included. For adults, there are eleven different movie channels to access at any time.

Sky Sports: Included with this service are over one-hundred Barclays Premier League live events, along with over one-hundred Sky Bet Football League matches. Live Capital One Cup, Test Series, and Formula 1 are also included. Those who select this option will receive 30 entertainment channels and 7 sports channels. In short, this option provides a solid combination of entertainment and non-stop sports coverage.

Complete Bundle: This option is for those who want it all. Included are over 50 entertainment channels, all in HD. Also included is the sports coverage that is included in the sports bundle, access to over one-thousand movies and box sets, and much more. If you have decided to upgrade to this bundle, or are interested in special discounts, contact Sky by calling the telephone number that you see listed here.

Sky Q Home Entertainment Devices

Sky has recently introduced a wireless home device known as Sky Q. This device connects to the internet, and allows customers to view recorded programming on televisions within the home, as well as on mobile devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. There are two varieties to choose from, including a standard device and higher-tier silver version. Those who have the standard device will be able to view programming on one television within the home, or from one device (such as a phone or tablet) outside of the home. The silver version allows for watching on two televisions or devices. Both the standard and silver wireless boxes allow for the recording and playback of programming. Contact Sky if you would like to upgrade your current box, or are having problems with your Sky Q.

Reporting TV Problems to Sky Customer Services

Any problems related to television service can be reported by dialing the Sky contact number shown here. Help is available for not only service outages, but also poor quality service and problems related to devices. By ringing the Sky phone number, you can request information about area-wide service problems, and determine whether or not the problem is only taking place in your home. Sky customer services can provide estimates for the time that service will be restored when problems exist for a general area, such as weather related issues.

If a repair visit to your home or business is necessary, Sky customer service will help you with setting up an appointment. Once you have selected a date and time, call the Sky phone number listed here if changes need to be made or to cancel. It is possible that some problems can be dealt with over the phone. If you are interested in troubleshooting with a technician, call the Sky helpline. In many cases, general problems can be solved without the need for a home visit. Contact Sky to learn more about repair services.