Sky TV: Tips for Selecting Your Television Services


In this day and age, those who pay for television service are presented with numerous options. Sky offers several different service bundles, some of which include internet and/or phone service, and some which do not. Even when television service is the only service ordered, there are options. The choices made available are targeted at certain groups, and based upon widespread preferences. The following provides general information about the various TV subscription packages offered by Sky.

To begin, those who are considering ordering Sky pay TV service should know that there is a basic level of service available. These do not come with all the extras, but does provide several of the core channels that are available. For those who do not watch television very often, and would rather not pay a lot to watch a limited amount of TV, this basic level plan may be the right choice. If you are interested in adding a few extras to the basic package, contact Sky customer services to learn what the available options are. It may be possible to add on to this bundle without paying much more.

Sky and sports are a solid combination. Sky has long covered many of the most popular sporting events. As such, the company does offer a television service package that is heavy on sports coverage. Included are 116 live Premier League games, 7 Sky Sports channels, and 270 additional channels. If you love sports and consider sports to be a huge part of your daily life, this is a service package that should definitely be considered.

There is also a dedicated Sky subscription for movie lovers. One of the highlights of this service package is over 1000 movies on demand. These can be watched whenever you wish, just by pressing a button on your remote. A total of 11 Sky Movies channels are also included, providing a wide variety of movies for all ages. Well over 250 additional channels are also included, covering a broad range of interests. Special offers are provided to new customers who love movies, so contact Sky to ask about these deals.

There are other bundles to consider as well, such as the Variety and Family bundles, both of which place a great deal of focus on providing programming that the entire family can enjoy. There is also the Complete bundle, which offers some of everything – movies, sports, family programming, and more. All bundles come with Sky Go, which allows you to watch Sky TV on internet connected mobile devices. Although the available options may seem confusing at first, Sky customer service is available to help you select between them. Agents can provide channel listing information, as well as details about the monthly costs.