Sky Talk: 0870 280 5660

Use the Sky Talk contact number to get directly connected to the Sky Talk customer service team who will be able to assist you with your new or existing Sky Talk account. The Sky Talk phone number accepts calls between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week. The Sky Talk Helpline gets very busy after 11am so make sure you try and call before then to avoid delays.

Sky Talk Contact Number
0870 280 5660

Useful Sky Talk Contact Numbers:

DepartmentPhone Number
Sky Talk Contact Number0870 280 5660
Problems with Sky Talk0870 280 5598
Join or upgrade Sky Talk0870 280 5642
Cancel Sky Talk0870 280 5707
Downgrade Sky Talk0870 280 6361

Sky Talk provides a home phone or business line for those who prefer not to rely solely on cellphones. The Sky Talk contact number shown here can be used to reach out to a representative who can offer detailed information about each of the available telephone services. The company does offer several different service packages, and home phone service can be bundled with internet and/or pay television service. Any Sky customer service agent can provide the latest information regarding special discount offers for new and existing customers.

General Information Regarding Sky Talk

Sky Talk provides various service options to choose from, with free and low-rate calls both being made available. There are service plans for those who only plan to make calls within the United Kingdom, and plans for those who occasionally or routinely make international calls. With select plans, calls are free during specific hours each day or on certain days of the week. In some instances, calls are charged at per-minute rates. Phone the Sky Talk phone number shown here to inquire about specific rates for the times and places that you call most. The Sky Talk website also provides this type of information, along with a complete listing of tariff options.

At this time, Sky Talk starts at as little as £4 per month. Note that a line rental cost is charged in addition to any base monthly fee. Per-minute fees may also apply and be charged above the base monthly rate. Those who are unsure about which service plans to select are encouraged to contact Sky Talk. The Sky Talk Help team can provide guidance with plan selection, based upon the information that you provide them with regarding your typically calling patterns. Each of the available plans, along with the terms and conditions surrounding each can be viewed online.

Sky Talk Service Options

The current list of available monthly service options includes:

Evening and Weekend Plan: With this plan, all calls that are placed to landlines and mobile phones within the United Kingdom during the business week (Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm) cost 11.5p per minute. When making calls to 0845 & 0870 numbers, the same rate applies. All calls that are made after 7pm during the business week and weekend calls are included in the base monthly plan rate. Any international calls will be charged at the standard rates (call the Sky Talk contact number for current rates). All calls to Sky Talk customer services are included.

Anytime Extra: This plan covers the cost of business week and weekend calls, with both being included in the monthly price. Calls to 0845 & 0870 contact numbers and calls to Sky Talk support are also included. With this plan, international calls to twenty-two different countries can be placed at a discounted rate of 2p per minute. Sky contact is recommended for those who need a complete list of the international locations that are included for the reduced calling rate.

International Extra: This plan mimics the Anytime Extra seen above, but differs slightly in that international calls to fifty different locations are included at no extra cost. Those who plan to make lots of international calls each month are advised to consider either this or the Anytime Extra services in order to save money on monthly rates.

“Pay As You Talk” is yet another option to consider. This may actually be the best option for those who typically do not make many calls from home. Charges are only incurred when calls are made. This plan is automatically provided to those who subscribe to Sky internet service, but have opted not to pay for monthly phone service. Those who already have an active phone line can request to only pay a line rental fee and keep their current telephone number. Contact Sky Talk if you wish to make use of this option for your home phone services.

Sky Contact for Reporting Phone Service Problems

Sky Talk customer services can provide assistance with any number of problems related to home phone service. Examples of common issues include no dial tone, beeping on the line, noise or line interference, and phone line faults. By way of Sky Talk contact, problems can be detected and a proper solution can be provided. Business customers may also call the Sky Talk contact number shown here to report service problems. If the problem is area-wide, an agent will let you know this. In most cases, problems can be solved without the need of a home repair visit. If on-location repair is necessary, a Sky Talk help agent will assist with scheduling an appointment.