Sky Sports Box Office: 0870 280 5710

Call the Sky Sports Box Office contact number to speak to one of the Sky Sports Box Office customer service representatives about booking a live sporting event for your Sky TV package or to enquire about a previous order. The Sky Sports Box Office phone number can be dialed between 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week. Make sure you call sky with plenty of time before your live sporting event to not miss out incase there is a long wait.

Sky Sports Box Office Contact number
0870 280 5710

Sky Sports Box Office offers customers a way to access events via pay-per-view (PPV). The events that are shown cannot be viewed elsewhere at the time they are live, and there is a cost associated with being able to view the content via Sky television services. What follows is information that will help you to order and view sporting events, along with troubleshooting details. If you still need help after reading this, simply call the Sky contact number to speak with a customer service agent.

Remote Control Ordering

Most Sky customers will find that the easiest way to order an event if through their remote control. Before attempting to place an order, note that if your Sky box is not already connected to the internet, you will need to connect it to a working phone line in your home to be able to order the even with your remote. The following are the exact instructions for placing an order, but if you run into any problems, contact Sky for assistance.

  1. Press the Box Office button on your remote control.
  2. Move the arrow to the right to highlight Box Office and then select.
  3. Use the left or right arrow to highlight the proper category and then select.
  4. Scroll to the event that you wish to order, then select.
  5. If you have a newer Sky+ or Sky+ HD box, you can choose to record the event when it airs. To do this, press the ‘R’ button on the remote.
  6. At this point, you should see a message that states, ‘Checking purchase information’.
  7. Watch for a confirmation of the purchase to be shown on the screen.
  8. If necessary, enter your Sky TV PIN number.
  9. Press the select key and the event will be included in your viewing planner.
  10. Press the Sky button to resume normal viewing.

Please note that the best way to order a sporting event is by way of your Sky remote. Using this method will allow you to record the event provided that you are using a Sky+ box. If you choose to place the order online or by calling the Sky telephone number, you will not be provided with the option to record the event and it will not be added to your viewing planner. Use your remote to place the order if these two things are important to you.

Sky Store Rental

Provided that your Sky+ HD box is actively connected to the internet, you will be able to rent events and movies directly from the Sky Store without having to call Sky customer service. Sporting events do start at specific times, but movies may be watched whenever you wish once they have been ordered from the store. To place an order, press ‘TV Guide’ using your remote control. Next, use the arrows to navigate to the Sky Store. Lastly, press select and then scroll to find the movie or event that you wish to order.

Online Ordering

In the event that you have called to cancel your Sky TV services, you may find that there are limits to the number of events that you can order. However, these limits only apply to movie rentals and purchases, and not to any of the Sporting Box Office events. These events can still be ordered if you have decided to cancel service, and the charges for the event will appear on your next Sky billing statement. Do note that any order placed after you have called to cancel will need to be placed using your remote control.

If you have a current and active account, you can order Sky Sports Box Office event online. You will need to log into your account to place the order. You will only be able to purchase events that are already being made available. Once you are signed in, select the event that you wish to order. Next, enter your Sky iD. If you have forgotten your username or your password, you can retrieve these online or by calling Sky customer service. The last steps are to enter a valid email address if you want to have a receipt sent to you, and then confirm the order.

Troubleshooting Problems

If you are having problems with ordering a Sky Sports Box Office event using your remote control, you should first check to ensure that your box is connected to the internet, or alternately, to an active phone line in your home. There will need to be an internet connection in order to be able to complete the order. Another thing to check is that you have a viewing card inserted into the Sky box. This card must be the correct one; otherwise the order will not go through.

As mentioned above, there should not be any limitations if you wish to order a sporting event and you are in a cancellation period. However, this only applies to Premium events. There may be limits on movies and other programming. If you have contacted Sky to cancel your television service and are experiencing problems with ordering an event, call the Sky contact number to speak directly with an agent who can assist.

If you are a multi-screen customer that does not have a Sky box or boxes connected to your home internet connection and your viewing card was activated prior to 2014, you will need to call Sky in order to order an event. Remote control ordering and online ordering will unfortunately not be an option for you, but an order can still be placed if you call it in.

If you have checked each of these things and are still struggling to order a Sky Sports Box Office event, contact Sky or go online to the Sky Community for help. If you have already ordered an event and are not able to access it when the time comes for viewing, call the Sky helpline as soon as possible to request assistance. You may need to speak with a technical advisor who can troubleshoot the issue.