Sky Sports and Sports Bundle Subscription Options


Sky customers who are also sports fans will be thrilled with the wide array of sporting events, such as Premier League Events, available. While all Sky pay-TV bundles do include some sports channels, additional channels can be accessed using the Sky Sports Bundle. Here is a quick look at how you can get the most from your Sky TV subscription, as well as how to make certain you never miss one of your favorite events.

Added on to the original bundle, which includes 240 free-to-air channels, 11 free-to-air channels in HD, and 35 entertainment channels, the sports bundle includes 7 sports channel, featuring 116 live Premier League games from the Barclays Premier League. In addition, it includes live action from Capital One Cup, 27 games from the Sky Bet Football League, live coverage of the Test Series, and every Formula 1 race.

If you are wondering how much the bundle is going to cost, it is hard to say exactly, as rates change with time. Sky frequently offers specials for new customers, such as free devices, reward cards, discounted service for a specific period of time, and more. Anyone who already has a Sky account can simply log into their account and select the sports bundle. Another option for existing customers is to contact Sky customer service and ask to have the sports channels added.

Sky Sports includes various mobile apps that make it possible to watch live sports directly from your mobile device as long as your subscription is active. You can also opt for the Sky Sports Day or Sports Week passesthat give you the opportunity to watch 7 Sky sports channels for a single day or an entire week. This service starts at around £6.99 and does not require you to agree to a contract. Although you must be a Sky customer, you do not have to change to a different bundle to buy a day or week pass.

Sky provides customers with a variety of ways to access and view sports events. While die-hard sports fans may prefer to subscribe to the bundle, others may only want to pay for a specific day an event they are interested in will be shown. Best of all, viewers can watch on TV or using their tablet or smartphone after downloading the app.

Sky has so many options to choose from that are perfect for sports fans. If you are currently a Sky customer or plan to be one soon, there is no excuse for missing out on any of your favorite sporting events.